Metro Grill III to open Friday

WICHITA — Metro Grill III opens Friday in the new Encore Restaurant and Nightclub next to Scotch & Sirloin on East Kellogg.

Metro Grill owner Michael Gonzalez has entered into a partnership to sell some of his popular sandwiches and salads at the new club.

He’s particularly excited for customers who have been wanting to enjoy his food with a bottle of wine. Gonzalez says he’s frequently asked about that, but his location in Towne East Square’s food court doesn’t have it, nor does Metro Grill II in Andover, which he recently sold.

Gonzalez still hopes to sell sandwiches at other Wichita bars, which is a new venture he’s exploring, but he says he has to make sure everything runs smoothly at Encore first.

His food will be available for lunch and dinner.

Metro Grill II still in transition

WICHITA — The saga over the new Metro Grill II in Andover continues.

Chef Michael Gonzalez and his ex, Sarita Gonzalez, were in court Wednesday to determine who has rights to the restaurant.

The two basically agree on what happened. They say a judge is allowing Michael Gonzalez back into the restaurant to cook for a two-month period, but Sarita Gonzalez can supervise the books.

The Gonzalezes can use those two months to determine the value of the Andover restaurant and the Metro Grill in Towne East Square in order to figure alimony and child support.

Accounts differ on what happened when Michael Gonzalez returned to Metro Grill II on Wednesday. The end result, which is not in dispute, is police were called (possibly by both sides and customers) and Michael Gonzalez isn’t allowed back in the restaurant until he has court documents showing he can be there.

Sarita Gonzalez says Michael Gonzalez returned in a wildly disruptive manner “instead of walking into the restaurant with class . . . and decency.”

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Andover’s Metro Grill II ownership is in flux

WICHITA — Exactly a month after his delayed opening of Metro Grill II in Andover, chef Michael Gonzalez is gone.

He hopes it won’t be for long.

Gonzalez and Sarita Gonzalez — who is either his wife or his ex wife, depending on which one you ask — are splitting up.

Michael Gonzalez says an officer showed up to tell him Sarita Gonzalez has control of the restaurant.

“It’s a big thing,” he says. “It’s an unfortunate thing.”

Michael Gonzalez has control of the original Metro Grill at Towne East Square, but he’s heading to court next week to try and reclaim the one in Andover.

That restaurant closed briefly this week, but Sarita Gonzalez has reopened it.

“She’s trying to prove something, and unfortunately she’s going to hurt the business because she doesn’t have any, any, knowledge . . . of what it takes to run a kitchen,” Michael Gonzalez says.

Sarita Gonzalez says, “I’ve been working with Michael for 13 years since I met him. Everything that Metro Grill is is my idea.”

We’ll let you know what the court says next week.

Metro Grill II to open on North Rock Road

gonzWICHITA — Metro Grill owner Michael Gonzalez is still opening a new restaurant, but not where he originally planned.

Gonzalez’s Metro Grill stand is at Towne East Square, which is where he also hoped to have a sit-down restaurant.

Instead, he’s going to open Metro Grill II at 366 N. Rock Road in a building that’s been home to Plant and Patio and Rugs to Riches in recent years.

“It’s going to be amazing,” Gonzalez says of the three-level space.

He plans to have the kitchen be a central part of the restaurant by putting it by the windows that face Rock Road and by leaving it visible for diners to see throughout the restaurant.

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