Bravo restaurant to open on East Douglas

WICHITA — Another new restaurant is going into 217 E. Douglas, and this time it’s a familiar name.

Kas Zendeli is opening Bravo there. That’s where Holy land Mediterranean Grill most recently was along with Onyx Bistro and DK Kitchen before that.

Zendeli closed his Bravo in Valley Center due to what he calls “not enough business support.”

Last year, he also briefly had Italian Bistro at the Market Centre downtown at First and Market where Restaurant 155 once was.

Zendeli says he thinks the Douglas space will be good despite what’s proving to be a difficult start.

“A lot of things are going bad,” he says. “Small details.”

There’s a chance the restaurant could open by late this week, though. Zendeli says Bravo will open by Oct. 1 at the latest.

The menu will be similar to his previous restaurants, with Italian-influenced chicken, seafood and pasta dishes.

Bravo will be open Monday through Saturday for lunch and dinner.

Zendeli has high hopes for the restaurant.

“This is a better location.”

Taylor RyMar Corp. moves from Orpheum Centre to Market Centre downtown

WICHITA — Taylor RyMar Corp. has moved, but not far.

The Tempe, Ariz.-based firm, which does engineering consulting for the construction industry, has been at the Orpheum Centre at First and Broadway since its arrival in Wichita in 2007.

“We needed to consolidate space,” says principal owner Joel DeHaven.

Except his real estate contacts couldn’t reach the owner of the floor of his building.

“The owner of our floor apparently was in bankruptcy,” DeHaven says.

Real Development bought the building in 2006 and then sold some of the floors.

“We like being downtown,” DeHaven says. “We wanted to stay in that same area.”

The company, which specializes in electrical engineering out of the Wichita office, moved to about 1,200 square feet at the Market Centre at First and Market streets this week.

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Italian Bistro at Market Centre has closed

WICHITA — Just as easily as new Italian eateries have been popping up around Wichita, one has closed.

After just a few months in business, Kas Zendeli has closed his Italian Bistro at the Market Centre downtown at First and Market.

“It doesn’t work out, and that’s it,” he says.

His was the first restaurant to occupy the space since Restaurant 155 left several years ago. Zendeli doesn’t elaborate much when asked what happened.

“What happened happened. It’s closed.”

He still has Bravo’s Italiani in Valley Center, which Zendeli says will return to its old schedule before he ran two restaurants. That means it’s open seven days a week for lunch and dinner.

Zendeli says it’s a confusing time right now, and he’s not sure if he’ll ever open a second restaurant again. He doesn’t rule it out, though.

“New day, new luck.”

Kansas Collegiate Athletic Conference office moves to Market Centre downtown

WICHITA — The Kansas Collegiate Athletic Conference has a new home of its own instead of using a small space at the Southwestern College Adult Learning Center on North Ridge Road.

“We were tenant farmers in the back of their pasture,” says commissioner Scott Crawford.

The Conference, which represents 10 Kansas schools, now has 600 square feet at the Market Centre at 155 N. Market. It also has shared conference room space.

“It’s going to be exciting to bring the schools to my office for the first time,” Crawford says. “That’s a big deal to me.”

He needed the extra space in part to accommodate a new employee, Robert Brennecke, who is assistant commissioner for operations and sport communications.

“It was a one-man show, and now it’s a two-man show,” Crawford says. “We are working to . . . put a lot more visibility for the conference, for the 10 member schools.”

Patrick Ahern of Grubb & Ellis/Martens Commercial Group handled the deal for the new space.

“I actually have some elbow room,” Crawford says.

It’s not big enough to, say, throw a football or play basketball, but it’s not bad.

“We can play office basketball, but that’s not a varsity sport yet.”

Ciao Italian Kitchen to open in former Press space at the Waterfront

WICHITA — After almost 30 years of working in the restaurant business for others, Guillermo Perez-Munoz is opening his own place in the former Press space at the Waterfront.

“Why not?” he says, not allowing the previous failures of Piztros, Sabor and Press to deter him.

“We can analyze them — all of them,” Perez-Munoz says of why those businesses didn’t work.

The key, he says, is keeping his focus on food.

“In this area, it’s about families.”

So he’s opening Ciao Italian Kitchen, a 130-seat restaurant that will feature what Perez-Munoz calls the ultimate comfort food.

“We are an Italian kitchen first and foremost,” he says. “Every home is designed around the kitchen, so that’s what we’re doing.”

An extensive menu will include Italian favorites such as pizza, calzone and lasagna along with items such as surf-and-turf dishes.

Perez-Munoz isn’t planning any dishes from his native Puerto Rico, but he says as the business progresses he’ll probably “put some flare into it and bring some crazy pastas.”

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Italian Bistro to open in former Restaurant 155 space at First and Market

WICHITA — A third new Italian restaurant is coming to Wichita.

Kas Zendeli, who owns Bravo’s Italiani in Valley Center, is opening Italian Bistro in the former Restaurant 155 space in the Market Centre downtown at First and Market.

This follows news from Melad Stephan, who is opening Luca Italian Kitchen in his former Uptown Bistro space in Old Town Square later this month.

Bocco Deli owner Nathan Toubia, who used to work for Lidia’s in Kansas City, also is opening an Italian restaurant. His as-of-yet-unnamed business is coming soon to the former Sugar Sisters Bakery & Cafe space near Central and Oliver.

Zendeli, who is Albanian, plans a traditional Italian menu for his new restaurant. He’s keeping his Valley Center restaurant, too.

Is he a glutton for punishment having two restaurants in two cities?

“Every business is punishment,” Zendeli says. “Since 1969 I’m in this punishment.”

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Glaves Irby and Rhoads law firm to move to Market Centre at First and Market

WICHITA — The Glaves Irby and Rhoads law firm is taking a short jaunt from its current space at 120 S. Market to new space in Market Centre at First and Market.

“It was just kind of like buying a house to me personally,” says office manager Suzie Furse. “It just felt right.”

The firm is leaving Dennis Wilkie’s building, which is on the market.

“We’re the only ones left,” Furse says of occupying the space.

The firm will move Sept. 15 and have almost 2,600 square feet at Market Centre.

“I call it a one-stop shop,” Furse says.

She likes amenities like UPS and FedEx drop boxes on site.

“To me that was a huge advantage.”

Adam Clements of Grubb & Ellis/Martens Commercial Group handled the deal.

“We were really pleased with Adam,” Furse says. “He’s quite the guy.”

Wise & Associates to move to Market Centre

WICHITA — Michael Wise is moving his Wise & Associates, a health insurance brokerage firm, from the Orpheum Centre at First and Broadway just down the street to the Market Centre at First and Market.

Wise says the Minnesota guys sold his floor to an investor who defaulted. As a result, his lease is now month-to-month, and Wise wanted something more permanent.

Parking at Market Centre is attractive, Wise says, and he likes how active the owner is at the building.

Wise will move into 1,100 square feet early next month and will have an option to expand to 1,500 square feet.

Adam Clements of Grubb & Ellis/Martens Commercial Group handled the deal.

Vanguard Petroleum is moving and president Todd Aikins is forming his own company

WICHITA — Vanguard Petroleum is moving from the Wichita Executive Centre at 125 N. Market to Market Centre at First and Market. But president Todd Aikins won’t be making the move.

Aikins is forming Aikins Exploration and remaining in the space Vanguard currently subleases from Edmiston Oil.

“I used to . . . be on my own,” Aikins says.

Then he went into the jewelry appraisal business before getting back into the oil business.

“The oil industry started to get pretty exciting again last year,” he says.

But it’s not his only interest.

“I’ve just got so many outside interests,” Aikins says. “I couldn’t devote the time to it . . . the company really deserves.”

Vanguard founder J. Paul Jennings will serve as interim president until a new president is hired.

Aikins will leave at the end of the month. Vanguard moves to Market Centre Dec. 1.

Adam Clements of Grubb & Ellis/Martens Commercial Group handled the transaction.

“We’ve just been real active,” he says of Market Centre. “We’re still signing leases.”

Caring Hearts of Wichita and Loving Hearts Home Care to move to Market Centre

WICHITA — Market Centre at First and Market has another new tenant.

Caring Hearts of Wichita and its sister company, Loving Hearts Home Care, are moving into 3,100 square feet.

The companies currently are at 3595 N. Webb.

Brenda Carver, who owns the businesses with Joyce Basinger, says Caring Hearts offers nursing, home health aids and physical, occupational and speech therapy.

Loving Hearts has a variety of home care options, including house cleaning and shopping.

The businesses will be their new space by Sept. 28

Adam Clements of Grubb & Ellis/Martens Commercial Group handled the deal.

In addition to the current space, he says, “There’s going to be some possibilities of growth for them.”