Lytton’s Furniture in Park City to close

WICHITA — Instead of moving to a new location as they once planned, Lytton’s Furniture owners Sidney and Scott Francis have decided to close their Park City store.

“We’re selling off our inventory,” Sidney Francis says.

The store opened more than three years ago at 1600 E. 61st St.

About this time last year, the couple faced a tax delinquency, and Scott Francis said the store didn’t generate enough traffic.

The two then started looking for new space outside of Park City.

“It’s just been hard finding a place,” Sidney Francis says.

They needed a larger but economically priced building with a dock, and it had to be in an area with good traffic.

“We were trying to see what would happen in the last quarter of the year,” Sidney Francis says. “We kind of put an ultimatum on ourselves.”

They decided if they didn’t see improvement in the economy, they would close.

Fisher says she’s not sure how long it will take, but the store will remain open until the inventory is gone.