Dancing in Paradise to open in former Bingo Palace on South Hydraulic

WICHITA — Steve Trent enjoys dancing so much, his wife, Diane, encouraged him to make a career of it instead of operating heavy equipment as he had been.

“You’re getting too old to do that stuff,” Trent says his wife advised.

So the two are opening Dancing in Paradise at 2841 S. Hydraulic where the Bingo Palace closed late last year.

“My wife and I are dancers,” Trent says.

He used to host singles dances in Dodge City and also had a successful New Year’s dance party at the former Loyal Order of the Moose 138 space near Central and Zoo Boulevard, where they used to dance before it closed.

“We’re not really going to be a dance studio,” Trent says of his new business.

Nor is he going to be a club that’s open to the public.

“It’s kind of going to be halfway in between.”

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Event space to open in former Moose lodge

WICHITA — Kyle Riffel already works at Barney’s, his family’s drug store on West Central just east of Zoo Boulevard, and now he’s preparing for a second job just down from there at 3130 W. Central where the Loyal Order of the Moose 138 closed late last year.

“We were just trying to come up with an idea that might work in that type of a space,” Riffel says. “They had already ran some dances and things out of there.”

Riffel says there’s a dance floor and bar area, so he says an event space for parties and weddings makes sense.

“We thought that that was our best bet,” he says.

“There’s only a couple of options out here,” Riffel says of other west-side event spaces.

He’s working on zoning and a liquor license now.

Riffel says the Moose lodge could serve alcohol to members on certain days and have a cash bar that was open to the public one day a week.

“It was very specific … as far as who could buy drinks.”

Riffel says he’s not trying to get a license to sell alcohol to the public. He says he’ll do private parties only.

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Loyal Order of the Moose 138 is ‘closed up’

WICHITA — A year after moving to a new spot, the Loyal Order of the Moose 138 has closed.

“The lodge was dissolved,” says administrator Tom Chendorain.

Members met last week to decide the fate of the lodge, which Chendorain says suffered a “lack of support of the membership.”

The lodge has been in various places around Wichita since 1952. The international fraternal and service organization, which supports a number of charities, was founded in 1913.

Last year, the lodge moved from its home of 20 years behind Club Rodeo on East Kellogg to 3130 W. Central near Central and Zoo Boulevard.

Chendorain says the move had nothing to do with the closure.

“No, it was just a matter of poor membership support over the years.”

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You don’t say

“The members are getting antsy, but I can’t give them a specific date yet.”

– Lodge administrator Tom Chendorain, who hopes to reopen the Loyal Order of the Moose 138 at 3130 W. Central in early December

You don’t say

“It will be bigger than the last one, so that will perk some eyebrows up.”

Tom Chendorain on the 3,600-square-foot dance floor at 3130 W. Central where the Loyal Order of the Moose 138 is moving if it can get proper zoning