Louie’s Coffee Dive replacement at Williams Ace Hardware is under consideration

WICHITA — Raymond Dondlinger is still contemplating what to do with the space that Louie’s Coffee Dive vacated at his family’s Williams Ace Hardware in Goddard.

The coffee shop lasted less than a year.

Dondlinger says he may take over the space or allow someone else to.

“I don’t have a direction as of yet,” he says. “I really do need to find something that fits that Goddard community the best.”

That could be a business such as a coffee shop, a flower shop or even a barber shop.

Dondlinger says he may find a use for it himself.

“I could see myself going further into the retail market somehow,” he says.

Louie’s Coffee Dive to open in new Williams Ace Hardware in Goddard

WICHITA — A new coffee shop is going to open in the same building where the new Williams Ace Hardware is opening at 199th and U.S. 54 in Goddard next month.

Louie’s Coffee Dive is coming to the space and will have a drive-through as well.

It looks like some of the same people who once were involved in Mike’s Wine Dive and the Gaslamp Grille & Lounge in Wichita are involved in Louie’s as well.

Corey Gonzalez, the former marketing director at Mike’s and the now-closed Gaslamp, is handling a lot of the details on the opening. He didn’t return numerous calls to comment.

It sounds like former Mike’s and Gaslamp owner Whitney VinZant is a partner in this venture as well. He couldn’t be reached for comment, either.

Sources say plans call for this to be the first of a chain of Louie’s Coffee Dives.

The hardware store’s grand opening is April 13 to 15. It’s not clear when Louie’s will open.