Uncommon Market to open in Lincoln Heights Village on March 1

UPDATED — Renee Rhodes and Jodie Hinds have been selling new and vintage home decor at various shows in Kansas and Oklahoma for more than a year with an intent to one day open a permanent shop. They’ve wanted to be in Lincoln Heights Village at Douglas and Oliver, and a space finally opened.

“That was kind of my indication it was time to open a store,” Rhodes says. “When we saw the sign, we said, ‘Well, this is it,’ and jumped in.”

Uncommon Market will open March 1 in the former Angela Snow Photography space. Snow moved her business to the former Artifacts space at the center.

Rhodes says the Uncommon name “says a lot about the things that we carry.”

“It’s just kind of an uncommon mix of things,” she says. “All of those things that kind of make you feel good.”

That includes pillows, frames, furniture and bath and body products. The store also will accept some furniture consignment pieces, and Rhodes will sell some repurposed pieces of her own.

“It’s not major overhaul but just kind of a facelift,” she says of what she does.

This is in addition to her full-time job as a risk control specialist with IMA. Hinds also has a full-time job with Hawker Beechcraft.

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You don’t say

“The sexy part just gets their attention.”

Susan McKnight of Susan’s floral shop in Lincoln Heights Village, which she’s named the sexiest retail center in the city because it offers one-stop shopping for Valentine’s Day gifts

Artifacts retail shop will close; business to remain open

WICHITA — Amy Herd is packing her Artifacts and closing shop at Lincoln Heights Village at Douglas and Oliver.

That doesn’t mean she’s entirely going out of business, though.

“I’m going to continue to do the arts … just not as a retail, daily basis,” she says.

Friday is her last day selling at the shop.

“I just want more time to travel and get back to my photography and spend more time with my grandkids,” Herd says.

She’ll travel for future shows and do some here as well.

Herd says she never would have met so many artists without her shop.

“I feel really blessed to have shared my gallery with really talented artists,” she says. “They’ve been such a great source of wisdom, inspiration and friendship.”

Herd opened her shop on East Central eight years ago and moved to Lincoln Heights three years ago.

“That’s made my decision tough because I do love it here, and it’s such a great space and great co-tenants,” she says.

Herd says her daughter just graduated and her business is debt free.

“It’s a good time to change it up.”

You don’t say

“It would be a good opportunity to take on some clients that got (the) short end of the stick with the Massage Junkie situation.”

Extraordinaire Salon & Boutique owner Brent Allison, who is adding massage services back to his salon in Lincoln Heights Village and is willing to honor gift cards from the closed Massage Junkie (just as Body Wellness Massage & Spa and Dynamic Bodyworks Massage are doing)

Riverside Too set to open Thursday

WICHITA — Paul Cohlmia is set to open his new Riverside Too Thursday in the former Livingston’s Cafe at 924 S. Woodlawn.

Riverside Too will feature the same menu as Cohlmia’s Riverside Cafe on W. 13th Street in Riverside.

“Everything’s the same,” Cohlmia says of his two restaurants.

The interior eventually will look the same as well. Cohlmia says he’s already painted the new space the same, and within a month or two he’ll have old pictures of Wichita hanging on the walls like he does in his other cafe.

Hours are the same, too: 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday to Saturday and 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. Sunday.

Bob Livingston and his wife still will own Livingston’s Diner at 832 N. Webb and Jeanne’s Cafe in Lincoln Heights Village at Douglas and Oliver.

Livingston’s Cafe sells to Riverside Cafe owner Paul Cohlmia

WICHITA — Bob Livingston isn’t ready to retire, but he turned 65 years old today and is ready to slow down.

He and his wife, Jeanne, have sold their Livingston’s Cafe at 924 S. Woodlawn to Riverside Cafe owner Paul Cohlmia.

“We’re not quitting,” Livingston says. “But it’s time for me to start cutting back.”

He and his wife still will own Livingston’s Diner at 832 N. Webb and Jeanne’s Cafe in Lincoln Heights Village at Douglas and Oliver.

Livingston says he’s not interested in selling those restaurants.

“Not at this point.”

Cohlmia plans to rename Livingston’s Riverside Too.

“It’s going to be similar to this,” he says of his current restaurant.

He’ll offer the same menu as Riverside Cafe and will feature old pictures of Wichita on the walls.

The Livingstons’ last day in operation is March 7, and Cohlmia will open a few days later.

Gessler Drug Co. to relocate from Normandie Center to Lincoln Heights Village area

gessleraugWICHITA — Gessler Drug Co. is heading home.

So says Hal Schwarz, who is relocating the store from Normandie Center at Central and Woodlawn to where AAA Kansas used to be next to Il Vicino near Douglas and Oliver.

That’s one corner over from where Gessler first opened in Wichita in 1938. Watermark Books & Cafe is there today.

Schwarz says Gessler was one of the original anchor tenants in what became Lincoln Heights Village in 1949.

When he recently was looking for new space, Schwarz says the 4,300-square-foot location he found “just stood out far and above anything else we had seen.”

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Architectural Artifacts to move


Architectural Artifacts successfully weathered the construction along East Central, but it’s moving anyway.

“It was tough, but my customers were loyal, and I appreciate that,” says owner Amy Herd.

Sometime in May — she’s not sure of the date yet — Herd is moving her store from 5424 E. Central to the former Bleu space at Lincoln Heights Village at Douglas and Oliver.

“It’s still in my neighborhood,” Herd says. “I’m a College Hill resident and am loyal to Lincoln Heights.”

Herd says the parking is better at Lincoln Heights, and she’ll have more space, too.

She currently has 850 square feet. The new space is 1,050 square feet and also has a basement twice that size.

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