Antoine Toubia’s son opens Bocconcini catering

nathanWICHITA — One of Antoine Toubia’s sons is back in business in Wichita.

Nathan Toubia is the only one of five sons of the late founder of Latour Management to still be in Wichita.

A few years ago, the sons had a well-publicized split from the business that their aunts still run.

“We get along, and we left it as business, and it never affected our personal relationship,” Nathan Toubia says.

He had been working for Lidia’s in Kansas City but returned a year ago and worked for Latour’s food operation at Wichita Collegiate School.

Now, he’s started his own catering company: Bocconcini.

Toubia hopes his business one day grows into a restaurant.

“It is a difficult time to open a restaurant with the state of the economy,” he says. “Hopefully with a brighter economy and love of my food and service, a restaurant will be in the works.”

Toubia will focus on fresh pastas like Lidia’s makes.

“I just think that Wichita lacks any really good Italian restaurants.”