Get Franked may move to Old Town

WICHITA — Get Franked (formerly Let’s Be Frank) is getting close to a deal on new restaurant space.

As part of the hot dog shop’s out-of-court settlement with its landlord at Douglas and Grove (there was a dispute over work on a sewer line), the business has to be out by May 31st.

Co-owner Brad Standing says he’s working on a lease at 924 E. Douglas just down from Larkspur in Old Town.

“It’s going to take a lot of things to go right,” he says. “Pretty much just hard work.”

Get Franked opens at Douglas and Grove

WICHITA — Get Franked, the former Let’s Be Frank, is reopening at its same location at Douglas and Grove today at 11 a.m.

Neither the owners nor the landlord will discuss how they resolved their differences.

Let’s Be Frank owners file a lawsuit and change names

WICHITA — The owners of Let’s Be Frank have filed a lawsuit against their landlord at Douglas and Grove.

Brad Standing says he filed suit today in Sedgwick County District Court to regain possession of the space his restaurant occupied since May.

Problems started with a previous landlord and a dispute over a sewer line.

Cheryl Schwab bought the property in late October and changed the locks Nov. 15.

Standing says his equipment is still in the building, and he wants back in.

Schwab won’t comment except to say she’s moving her Second Story consignment shop into the former Let’s Be Frank space.

Another dispute the restaurant was in has been resolved.

Two days after Let’s Be Frank opened, a California hot dog seller contacted the restaurant to say his business has the same name.

Standing says they’ve talked, and he’s agreed to change his restaurant’s name.

It will now be known as Get Franked. But where it will reopen is not yet clear.

Let’s Be Frank is closed for now

WICHITA — Let’s Be Frank is closed, but partner Brad Standing doesn’t consider himself officially evicted.

“They just wrote, ‘Evicted,’ on a piece of paper and changed the locks, so I don’t think that really counts,” he says of his landlord’s actions Sunday.

He’s been in a dispute with his landlord for several months about maintenance of the building at Douglas and Grove.

Standing says he’s looking for a new place to open the hot dog shop. He figures it’ll take a couple of months but will let us know as soon as he finds something.

Let’s Be Frank to close, possibly reopen elsewhere

WICHITA — After fewer than six months in business, Let’s Be Frank is closing.

“We got an eviction notice today, and we are probably going to be closed,” says partner Brad Standing.

The restaurant, which is at 2425 E. Douglas, will close Nov. 1.

Standing says there’s been an ongoing dispute with his landlord over a sewage line problem.

It’s the same problem that drove Savage Salon from the center.

Salon owner Chawalee Riggs reopened at 230 N. Mosley across from Whiskey Creek in Old Town.

Her new salon is called Salon Q, which she named for her 5-year-old, Quentin.

Standing would like to reopen somewhere else, but he’s not sure if he will.

“This all happened just a few hours ago, so no definite plans yet,” he says.

If Let’s Be Frank reopens elsewhere, look for it to still be in the Douglas Design District, Old Town or possibly Delano.

Tweets of the week

“Whoever doesn’t come buy a hotdog from me after bar closing will no longer be my friend and I will also no longer follow you on twitter!!!!”

– A 1:37 a.m. tweet on June 6 from hot dog shop Let’s Be Frank (@LetsBeFrankICT)

“Ok I didn’t mean that… Just come hang out with me!”

– A follow-up tweet at 1:38 a.m.

Frankly speaking: Restaurant may need name change

hotdogOn Tuesday, only their second day of business, the owners of the new Let’s Be Frank learned they may have to change the name of their hot dog restaurant.

“We got an e-mail yesterday,” co-owner Kody Allen says of a hot dog seller in California who’s operating under the same name. Allen says that man’s business seems to be “a hot dog cart with walls.”

Allen and business partner Brad Standing have a restaurant with 20 seats (and more to come) at the southeast corner of Douglas and Grove.

They have 125 hot dog styles — from the basics to a $40 caviar dog — and offer 38 varieties daily.

So Allen thinks that unless lawyers get involved, he’ll probably keep Let’s Be Frank.

Just in case, though, he says, “We’ve been sending out Twitter and MySpace bulletins asking for suggestions” for a new name.

“I think it would be really cool to have a patron suggest it.”