Issa brothers purchase west-side IHOP

WICHITA — The restaurateuring Issa brothers have purchased the IHOP at 515 S. Ridge Circle, just down from the new Panera Bread.

“It’s a good opportunity,” Ali Issa says. “There’s a future in it. They’re very successful.”

Issa and his brothers, Ty and Mike, also will continue to operate Larkspur, Hereford House and Heat Cigar & Hookah Lounge.

At IHOP, they’re making a lot of changes. Some are cosmetic on the interior and exterior. Other changes include retraining the staff “from A to Z,” Ali Issa says.

He says he and his brothers are not looking to buy other IHOPs, at least not yet.

“We’re too busy with that one. It’s too early to talk about the next venture.”

Los Compadres Mexican Grill to open near 31st and Hillside

WICHITA — After working for others for years, Maria Colchado was about to open her own restaurant in Durango, Mexico, 12 years ago when her husband was hurt in a roofing accident while working in Wichita.

Colchado abandoned her restaurant plans and moved her family here.

Now, she and her daughters, Cinthia and Maria, are opening Los Compadres Mexican Grill near 31st and Hillside.

“It was always my mom’s dream,” Cinthia Colchado says. “This is a dream for all my family.

“This is going to be our first chance.”

The family hopes to open the 80-seat restaurant by the end of March.

Cinthia Colchado says the restaurant will serve authentic Mexican cuisine and not the sometimes more prevalent Tex-Mex fare.

“Maybe we can come up with something . . . people really like,” she says. “How you really make it at home.”

Cinthia Colchado says the family has been working on the restaurant idea since coming here.

“Finally, we could get all the money together,” she says.

Cinthia Colchado has been working at other restaurants in the area, including Carrabba’s and Larkspur, and is looking forward to opening one with her family.

“The only thing I can tell you for sure is we’re going to try to do our best.”

Get Franked may move to Old Town

WICHITA — Get Franked (formerly Let’s Be Frank) is getting close to a deal on new restaurant space.

As part of the hot dog shop’s out-of-court settlement with its landlord at Douglas and Grove (there was a dispute over work on a sewer line), the business has to be out by May 31st.

Co-owner Brad Standing says he’s working on a lease at 924 E. Douglas just down from Larkspur in Old Town.

“It’s going to take a lot of things to go right,” he says. “Pretty much just hard work.”

Larkspur suffers $150,000 in smoke damage

WICHITA — An early morning fire caused $150,000 in smoke damage at Larkspur in Old Town.

“What a bummer,” owner Ty Issa says.

The fire started at a dryer in a storage room behind the kitchen.

Police officers patrolling the area noticed smoke coming from the building at 904 E. Douglas shortly after 12:30 a.m. today.

Firefighters forced entry through the front door and found smoke throughout the building, says Capt. Stuart Bevis.

They discovered a fire in a back room where a dryer had been drying towels.

“The fire was contained to a pretty small area,” Bevis says, but he says there’s substantial smoke damage.

Issa was sleeping at home when he got a call from his alarm company.

“I’ve been up probably all night,” he says.

Still, Issa says, “I’m happy it’s contained to that kind of damage.”

He’s fully covered by insurance — including for lost revenue — but the situation is a huge headache.

“The inconvenience of all this is just like we’re in the construction business,” Issa says.

Larkspur needs mostly cosmetic repairs, which Issa hopes take no longer than a week or 10 days.

“If I can get all these people to work on the weekends, that’s what they’re promising right now.”

There also will be an extensive four-day cleaning.

“So it will be the cleanest restaurant in this town.”

Delano Bakery eyes Central & Oliver Dillons


College Hill residents have been hoping for a new grocery store to replace the former Dillons at Central and Oliver. That may not happen, but the next best thing could.

Owners of the more than 17-year-old Delano Bakery, which sells its bread at Dillons and to area restaurants, are eyeing the space for their first retail outlet.

Brant Dumford (pictured right), who owns the business with his father, Kelly (left), and brother, Cy (center), says the holdup is the landlord is worried how the bakery could affect Sugar Sisters Bakery & Cafe next door. delano

But Dumford says his business is strictly about making and selling bread while Sugar Sisters is a restaurant.

“We like to stay with the custom artisan specialty breads, and we don’t want to push anybody out of business anyway,” he says.

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