Brett Harris, Sierra Scott in talks with KWCH, Channel 12, about talk show


WICHITA — Brett Harris still is almost a year away from his noncompete agreement ending with KRBB, 97.9-FM, but it sounds like he may be lining up a job.

Harris and former KSN, Channel 3, morning anchorwoman Sierra Scott are in talks with KWCH, Channel 12, about doing a show for the station.

“We are always looking for new ideas for local programming,” said Sunflower Broadcasting president and general manager Joan Barrett in an e-mailed response. “I’ve been talking to Sierra for a few years about how we might expand her role with our company. With the change in Brett’s situation it seemed natural to have a dialogue with both of them – and that’s exactly what we are doing.”

After more than two decades with B98, Harris lost his job in July when Clear Channel Radio informed him it was going in a new direction.

Tracy Cassidy, Harris’ former morning show partner, is now on the air with Adam “Lukas” Cox.

As part of his split from B98, Harris is paid through December. At that point, his six-month noncompete begins.


Scott has been producing and hosting the positive-news show “It’s All Good With Sierra Scott” since 2006. Initially, it aired on KPTS, Channel 8. Now it airs on Sunflower’s KSCW, Channel 33.

It sounds like the show Scott and Harris may do would be a talk show format. Think a Wichita version of “Live With Kelly & Michael.”

We’ll let you know what happens.

You don’t say

“If it comes, I will warn you.”

KSN’s Dave Freeman teasing KWCH’s Merril Teller during a Q&A with The Eagle (which runs in the business section Sunday) about warning him in case there’s a tornado near his studio

Former KSN, Channel 3, anchorman is the new Mooyah franchisee for Wichita

UPDATED — Anthony Powell can now add hamburgers to his resume — loaded ones at that.

The former KSN, Channel 3, weekend and 5 p.m. anchorman, who still contributes on-air reports for the station, and his wife, Jennifer, are the new Mooyah franchisees for Wichita.

The Powells are working with Twin Peaks franchisee Rusty Rathbun and Maria Peak of Bovine Development, a company that is developing Mooyah sites.

Jennifer and Anthony Powell

“The guy is very, very impressive with his track record at Subway and Twin Peaks,” Anthony Powell says of Rathbun. “He’s just so experienced with the restaurant business. He knows what it takes to be successful.”

Powell says Rathbun’s office is helping him with traffic counts and other information on where to locate.

He’s looking everywhere but says that “the west side is looking more promising right now.”

The Dallas-based Mooyah chain is in several states, though the majority of its restaurants are still in Texas. It’s in the fast-casual dining segment, which caters to people who want quick meals in a nicer dining setting than fast food restaurants usually provide.

“Fast casual is affordable but still a dining experience,” Powell says.

Mooyah specializes in hamburgers with a serious array of toppings. There also are veggie and turkey burgers, thick-cut fries, shakes and a children’s menu.

Powell hopes to have his first Mooyah open by June.

“We’re in talks on one,” he says.

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KSN, Channel 3, finally makes changes to 10 p.m. newscast

WICHITA — At long last, KSN, Channel 3, is making changes to its 10 p.m. newscast that it first informed its staff about in February.

“The idea was to give it a fresh approach,” says Darrin Fullerton, KSN’s interim director of marketing.

The former weekend anchor team of Brooke Martin, J.D. Rudd and Jamison Coyle is the new 10 p.m. team as of today.

Coyle became KSN’s lead sports anchor in March after sportscaster Jim Kobbe left.

Aileen Simborio will replace Martin on the weekends. Meteorologist Mark Bogner will join her.

Simborio has been co-anchoring the station’s noon show. Former 10 p.m. co-anchor Stephanie Bergmann now will join Mark Davidson on the noon show.

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KSN, Channel 3, is making changes at 10 p.m. but is keeping the newscast

UPDATED — KSN, Channel 3, news director Jason Kravarik responded to several phone calls regarding changes to the station’s 10 p.m. newscast with an apology for being late and a plea to set the record straight.

“I just want to make it clear that we’re not getting rid of the 10 o’clock news,” he says.

“We are strongly considering changes to the 10, but at this point no changes to the 5 and 6,” Kravarik says. “We have a solid team.”

That “solid team” is the same team at 10 p.m., but Kravarik says it’s not working as well then.

“The number one show for them is 6 p.m.,” he says.

“We have a, frankly, a bad lead-in from NBC, as everyone knows these days.”

Kravarik isn’t sure how he’ll proceed with changes.

“That I don’t want to comment on because nothing is finally in place.”

Even though he’s making changes, Kravarik says the current newscast isn’t bad.

“I mean, I think we put on a great 10 o’clock newscast. I think our content is solid. I’m just proud of the content upgrades we’ve made to our news in the last couple of years.”

KSN, Channel 3, implodes its 10 p.m. newscast

UPDATED — It looks like KSN, Channel 3, has imploded its 10 p.m. newscast.

Neither general manager John Dawson nor news director Jason Kravarik returned calls to comment.

Sources say, though, that anchors Stephanie Bergmann and John Snyder along with chief meteorologist Dave Freeman and sportscaster Jim Kobbe have been told their services will no longer be needed at 10 p.m.

“I have been told that sometime here shortly I will no longer be doing the 10 o’clock news, and, of course, by extension that means I will not be doing most severe weather coverage since most severe weather happens in the evenings,” Freeman says. “I have not been told anything about what the reasoning is or what the plan is.”

Freeman, who is known for his sometimes passionate delivery when reporting dangerous weather conditions, has been doing the 5 p.m., 6 p.m. and 10 p.m. newscasts since 1993.

“As you can imagine, it’s very surprising,” Freeman says. “I would say that probably the biggest feeling that I have is just a sense . . . that I would really hate to be letting people down, and that’s the feeling. You know, there’s an intimate relationship between the people at home and the meteorologists of this part of the world.”

Freeman won’t discuss what’s happening with his colleagues.

“It would not be appropriate for me to speak about other people’s destinies,” he says.

Kobbe and Bergmann declined to comment.

Snyder acknowledges the change but says he can’t say much more.

“I have been told I will not be doing the 10 o’clock,” he says. “I don’t know what the situation is.”

Snyder says Kravarik didn’t give him a reason for the change.

Nor does Snyder know what his assignment will be in the future.

“I truly don’t know.”

Bergmann hosted the morning and noon shows before she and Snyder, who used to anchor the NBC affiliate in Charlotte, N.C., took over anchoring duties in April 2009 after Anita Cochran left the station.

Freeman says he doesn’t know many details about the latest changes.

There is one thing he does know, though.

“It’ll be very hard to not be doing what I have been trained to do all these years.”

You don’t say

“I thought it was a pretty short good-bye after 30 years.”

Larry Steckline, who was notified in a one-sentence note by KSN, Channel 3, general manager John Dawson that his contract to do ag reports will not be renewed

You don’t say

“It’s too early in the morning to be messing with me.”

Shawna Biggars’ response to her husband, KSN operations manager Jerome Biggars, when he threw open her shower curtain to say he just scratched off 20 $500 winners on a scratch lottery ticket for a total of $10,000

Tweet of the week

“My nurse has informed me that I need a vacation. She’s right. #grumpyboss”

– A Tuesday tweet on Twitter from Tana Goering (@drTana, but better known as a medical expert on KSN, Channel 3), referring to a nurse at her Hillside Medical Office

“It’s All Good” is moving to the CW

sierraWICHITA — Sierra Scott’sIt’s All Good” half-hour television show is moving from KPTS, Channel 8, to KSCW, Channel 5/33.

“One of the reasons was they want to create a Disneylike hour around it,” Scott says of her 7:30 p.m. Sunday time slot. “They wanted to create that feeling of sitting down together as a family.”

Scott is a former KSN, Channel 3, morning anchorwoman.

“It’s All Good,” which debuted in late 2006, highlights people, companies and organizations doing positive things.

“I find the people that I interview to be extremely inspirational,” Scott says.

She says CW wants 52 weeks’ worth of shows. Initially, she’ll repeat some of her favorite features.

“It’s going to have a whole new audience that hasn’t seen any of these stories yet,” Scott says.

Scott will do some new features with the repeats starting when the first CW show airs Aug. 20.

Eventually, she says, “It will turn over into all new shows.”