You don’t say

“That’s for sure a venial sin, and it might possibly elevate to a mortal sin depending on how many figs he tossed.”

Koch Industries spokeswoman Melissa Cohlmia on someone who threw away figs from a shoot of her family’s prized fig tree, which was recently profiled in The Eagle

Paradise Donuts and Coffeehouse to open in former Wonder Bread space

UPDATED — A second helping of Paradise is coming to the west side.

Marilyn and Hervey Wright III are opening Paradise Donuts and Coffeehouse near Maple and Maize, which will be the second Paradise Donuts on the west side.

Steve Trask opened one at 3107 W. Central in 2010.

The Tulsa-based Paradise Donuts offers licensing agreements for an area of three to five miles.

“We just have had this in the back of our minds, and the timing seemed to be right,” says Marilyn Wright, who used to work in accounting at Koch Industries.

Hervey Wright was in administration at Friends University for 20 years.

Marilyn Wright says they both grew up loving doughnuts.

Her mother made homemade bread and doughnuts with an inspiring effect.

“Hers were so good that people came to church on Sundays when she provided the fellowship refreshments.”

A young Hervey Wright, who was known as Billy back then, used to perch on a stool to watch his grandmother create cake doughnuts. He once wrote his name on her doughnut recipe card.

“And the doughnuts were forever called ‘Billy Doughnuts,’” Marilyn Wright says.

She says they chose the Paradise affiliation because the brand allows them the flexibility to do their own menu and store design.

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Koch Industries makes its own Tea Party joke through a Gridiron ad

WICHITA — Koch Industries isn’t particularly known for its sense of humor or ability to get along with journalists, but the company had the last laugh with its ad in this year’s Gridiron program.

Gridiron is an annual show spoofing current events that the Society of Professional Journalists puts on to raise scholarship money. In fact, Koch occasionally is the subject of said spoofing.

The theme of last weekend’s show was “Fifty Shades of Gridiron.”

The Koch ad, which was on the back page of the program, was headlined “Fifty Shades of Earl Grey” and showed a large teacup with a teabag in it, making light of Koch’s alleged Tea Party ties.

“Wait…so this isn’t a Tea Party meeting?” the copy says.

In smaller print, it says, “Koch Industries allegedly supports Gridiron with secretive dark money.”

Koch spokeswoman Melissa Cohlmia says response has been great – particularly from journalists.

“People have seen, look, we do kind of laugh,” she says.

“We have a sense of humor.”


New Asian fusion restaurant to open in Samurai space near 37th and Woodlawn

WICHITA — A new Asian fusion restaurant is opening in the former Samurai space near 37th and Woodlawn.

Portland, Ore., resident Dave Wan and his wife, Nasy Chan, are moving to Wichita to open the restaurant in 2,000 square feet of the 12,000-square-foot center to the east of the southeast corner of the intersection.

“We have relatives there,” Wan says of Wichita.

He says he’s still mulling a name for the business, which will be a fusion of Thai, Japanese and Vietnamese food.

Wan is from Hong Kong. Chan has Cambodian and Vietnamese roots.

Dishes will include teriyaki, pho noodles and hibachi grill cooking.

“It’s an open-kitchen concept,” Wan says.

He thinks they most likely won’t serve alcohol but will have a variety of other drinks, such as bubble tea, Thai iced tea and fruit drinks.

Wan says he’s planning an April opening.

Building co-owner W.G. Farha says the new lease brings the center to 100 percent occupancy.

“We’re excited about the area with Koch’s expansion and two new schools opening in the Bel Aire area,” he says.

He’s also an owner in the 12,600-square-foot center next to that one, which has one 1,400-square-foot space left.

Chris Hamman to open Golf Etc. near K-96 and Greenwich in March

WICHITA — Lifelong golfer Chris Hamman is turning his passion into a career.

Hamman, who played at the University of Kansas, is opening Golf Etc. this spring at 2621 N. Greenwich. That’s near K-96 and Greenwich by Star Lumber and Heartland Coin Gallery.

Hamman was with Koch Industries for almost 28 years. His last position was president of Invista’s polymer and resins business.

Golf Etc. will be what Hamman calls an upscale, full-service golf shop and club-fitting studio.

“We really wanted to be able to provide products and services to golfers of all skill levels to help them improve their game more,” he says.

The store will sell the latest golf equipment, apparel, accessories and gift items.

It also will offer a professional club-fitting service.

“We’ll be able to repair and build golf clubs in our workshop, which is within the store,” Hamman says.

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Koch Industries remodels its Koch Cafe

WICHITA — One of the biggest food venues in town is getting a makeover, but it’s not a restaurant.

It’s the 30,000-square-foot Koch Cafe, which as the name implies is the cafeteria at Koch Industries near 37th Street North and Oliver.

“It is a busy place,” says spokeswoman Melissa Cohlmia.

The cafeteria serves 2,600 employees including Charles Koch, who is a regular diner there.

Eurest Dining Services runs the cafeteria which has been closed since May 11. It won’t reopen until late September.

“So you can imagine with it being closed, people are trying to figure out how to eat,” says Craig Highfill, Koch’s vice president of facilities solutions.

Koch is trying to help.

“If we had all of our employees going out at one time, it would hit the market pretty hard,” Highfill says.

The Flying Stove food truck is now stationed at Koch on Thursdays.

Eurest also is using a remote kitchen to make some items to sell in a temporary cafe.

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You don’t say

“Koch, which has always been a very quiet company in Wichita, is getting a lot of unwelcome attention nationally, and that was the reason we scheduled the session, and it’s now also the reason they . . . decided to cancel.”

WSU’s Lou Heldman on how Koch Industries communications director Melissa Cohlmia, citing security concerns, canceled an on-campus appearance to discuss crisis communications Thursday (Heldman will still lead the talk at 9:30 a.m. at the CAC Theater)

Chase Koch buys almost 70 acres near 21st and Greenwich, most likely for his new residence

WICHITA — When a business person buys a new house, it’s generally not news for the business pages.

Then again, when someone buys a major amount of land in a growing commercial area, it tends to pique the interest of business people — especially if that someone is a fellow business person with the last name “Koch.”

Chase Koch, who works at his family’s Koch Industries, has purchased almost 70 acres near 21st and Greenwich from Bruce and Sharon Brown.

Bruce Brown confirms the purchase, though he won’t discuss the details.

The Browns moved elsewhere in Wichita.

Koch bought their property for $3,065,000.

The land is just south of Don Slawson’s approximately 65-acre Cross Pointe commercial development, which is at the southeast corner of 21st and Greenwich. It’s across Greenwich from Slawson’s approximately 160-acre Oak Creek residential development.

Part of what makes this deal interesting is that the almost 70 acres Koch bought will remain residential.

The newly married Koch didn’t return calls for comment, but it looks like he plans to live in the house on the property.