You don’t say

“Well, I’ll probably be like a lot of Kansans and watching it from the back deck as it moves in.”

Dan Dillon’s response when people ask him what will happen when the first storm hits (this week as it turns out) since his departure from KFDI, 101.3-FM

Pat James returns to Wichita radio

WICHITA — Pat James, who has been Cornbread’s sidekick since their days at KFDI, 101.3-FM, is leaving their radio show in St. Louis and returning to Wichita.

“I did not want to leave,” he says.

James and the producer of the show were victims of budget cuts under new management.

As of May 30, James will be the program director for KIBB, 97.1-FM, (“Bob-FM”) and KVWF, 100.5-FM, (“The Wolf”) – two stations that didn’t exist when he left here in 2004.

James also will be on air, but he doesn’t have a specified slot yet.

Though James would have preferred to stay in St. Louis, Wichita isn’t a bad alternative, he says.

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You don’t say

“The most distinguished paper boy ever.”

Jan Harrison of KFXJ, 104.5-FM, commenting on her colleague, the dapper Dan Dillon of KFDI, 101.3-FM, when he popped into her studio this morning to drop off her copy of The Eagle

Dan Tooker takes a break from the Wolf, but will it be permanent?

tookerWICHITA — Radio personality Dan Tooker hasn’t been on KVWF, 100.5-FM (“The Wolf“), the last couple of weeks, and it’s not clear if he’ll be returning.

“We’re not really sure which way it’s going to play out,” says program director Ron Allen.

“Basically, it had kind of been a fluid situation from day one,” he says.

Tooker was on KFDI, 101.3-FM, until 2007, when he lost his job (the Country Music Association named him broadcast personality of the year for medium-size markets shortly after that).

He took a job in Boise following that then returned here earlier this year.

Allen says Tooker’s wife is still in Boise and hasn’t found a job here yet, so they built in plenty of time for him to return home for visits, which is why he’s been off the air.

But the couple’s financial situation may keep it that way. If Tooker’s wife doesn’t get a job, he may leave.

“It’s still probably better than 50-50” that Tooker will stay, Allen says.

“He would still like . . . to be on the team.”