Roo Grayson to move, expand

UPDATED — Four years after opening Roo Grayson just north of Central and Woodlawn, Karla and Julian Binns plan to reopen their store just west of the intersection. They’re moving to a former medical building they purchased at 6200 E. Central next to Williams Ace Hardware.

“It’s three times the size,” Karla Binns says. “It’s scary. It’s very scary, but it’s extremely exciting.”

The existing space at 515 N. Woodlawn is more than 6,000 square feet. The new space is almost 18,000 square feet.

Elyssa Seymour and Steve Martens of NAI Martens handled the deal.

Binns says the move, which she hopes will happen in September, will allow her to sell more bedding and furniture and have a bigger design center and a new rug line. The store also will add a silk floral department with the move.

Since former neighbor Twigs closed, Binns says, “We have so much traffic for that kind of thing.”

She says she’s been listening to customers and what they say they want to buy. Binns says she knows sometimes people go outside of Wichita to find what they want.

“I know it’s fun to go out of town and shop,” she says. “I’m trying to do my best to bring what everyone is asking for to Wichita.”

Roo Grayson to almost double in size

WICHITA — When Karla Binns opened her Roo Grayson home decor store in late 2009, she said her business would be “a fun place to shop because there’s always going to be something different there.”

She kept her promise and now is building on it by adding another 2,500 square feet to her 3,400-square-foot store.

Binns is creating an archway to the south of her store to open onto a new area where she can add more furniture lines.

Though she sells furniture now, such as handmade mahogany pieces from Indonesia and salvaged pieces from other countries, Binns says she mostly has tables and accent pieces.

“I couldn’t completely furnish your living room.”

When her new space is ready in July, she’ll be able to do that thanks to new lines of sofas, chairs and what Binns calls library pieces, such as bookcases with a ladder.

The space next to hers has long been storage, and Binns says she told her landlord she wanted first dibs on it.

“We thought maybe we might want to do this,” she says of the expansion. “We hoped.”

Binns has commissioned a number of pieces in her store. For instance, she finds various older pieces of wood and has tables made.

It’s all part of her effort to be unique.

“We’re trying to become Wichita’s destination store,” Binns says. “It’s just a one-of-a-kind store.”

Roo Grayson home decor to open near Central and Woodlawn

WICHITA — There’s a new home decor store opening by a couple of other well-known ones near Central and Woodlawn.

Roo Grayson is opening next month at 515 N. Woodlawn not far from Twigs and Home Gallery by Cohlmia.

“It’s just a little bit of everything,” Karla Binns says of her shop.

And she means it.

She’ll have antiques, furniture, a jewelry line from Sweden, handmade mahogany pieces from Indonesia, salvaged pieces from other countries and, believe it or not, a small area for spray tanning.

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