You don’t say

“I wasn’t trying to infer that people who are on WIC eat dog food or should eat dog food.”

– County Commissioner Karl Peterjohn explaining his comment during a commission discussion of WIC Wednesday that “if you’re a dog food producer and the … dogs don’t like your product, eventually it gets to their owners and the sales go down.”

You don’t say

“I’ve got one finger for you.”

– Sedgwick County Commission Chairman Jim Skelton, joking with Commissioner Karl Peterjohn after Skelton asked colleagues if they had all 10 fingers after the Fourth of July

You don’t say

WICHITA — “I can agree with Carl or disagree with Carl and you can all make your own mind up on which Carl.”

Wichita Metro Chamber of Commerce chairman Sam Williams, speaking after Mayor Carl Brewer and Sedgwick County Commission Chairman Karl Peterjohn today at the chamber’s Chairman’s Lunch

Karl Peterjohn, onetime Wichita Metro Chamber of Commerce foe, to speak at the group’s Chairman’s Lunch

peterWICHITA — When invitations recently went out for the Feb. 11 Wichita Metro Chamber of Commerce’s annual Chairman’s Lunch, three speakers were listed, but only two by name.

Mayor Carl Brewer will speak, as will 2010 Chamber Chairman Sam Williams.

The third speaker is the Sedgwick County Commission chairman, who at the time the invitations were printed was not yet elected.

Now he has been, and it’s Karl Peterjohn. As in the same Peterjohn who in 2008 claimed there was a “political jihad” against him by the Chamber and its political action committee.

“I was the No. 1 candidate that the Chamber opposed,” Peterjohn says.

derre“Oh . . . that is all old history,” says Chamber president and CEO Bryan Derreberry.

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