You don’t say

“Diapering becomes more important than selling clothes.”

Aimee McCarter, who has adopted a baby and is closing her struggling Junk in the Trunk Clothing in Delano on Friday

From Me 2 You to open in Delano

UPDATED — From Me 2 You is reopening in Delano this week.

Kristi Wee’s consignment shop has been at 9121 W. Central for more than three years.

“The rent was outrageous,” she says. “I couldn’t afford it there anymore.”

The store is opening Sept. 22 at 728 W. Douglas in Delano where Junk in the Trunk Clothing was before moving to 805 W. Maple.

Wee says in addition to more affordable rent, there’s more foot traffic in Delano as well as a lot of local shops.

“I’m hoping to feed off of them.”

Her consignment shop sells maternity outfits and clothing for infants and toddlers. The store also carries shoes, toys and accessories.

Wee is planning a grand opening in early October and what she’s calling a quiet opening for now.

“We’re just going to open the doors and see what happens,” she says. “We might still be in the process of doing stuff.”

Cash Mob Wichita to debut this week to help local mom-and-pop businesses

Cash Mob Wichita founder Jill Miller (left), who has chosen Aimee McCarter's Junk in the Trunk Clothing as one of seven businesses to mob in Delano on Saturday.

UPDATED — Flash mobs have descended upon Wichita before, but now the city is going to experience what appears to be its first cash mob.

That’s when groups of people visit selected local businesses en masse to offer an economic boost.

Wichita business consultant Jill Miller, whose specialty is working with small businesses, had been mulling how to better help local mom-and-pop businesses when she decided to ask some Facebook friends what they thought about doing a cash mob.

They thought it was a great idea, so late last week Miller issued something more formal to Facebook users.

Within 36 hours, she had about 1,500 people join Cash Mob Wichita.

“Jiminy Christmas,” Miller says. “I had no idea. I thought there’d be, like, 200 people or something, and it’s just blown up.”

The first cash mob will be Saturday – which happens to be National Cash Mob Day – in Delano.

“It’s just rife with small business owners that need support,” Miller says.

She’s chosen seven businesses that cash mob participants are invited to visit. They’re encouraged to spend at least $10 at one or more of the businesses.

Those include Auntie Mae’s Attic at 1301 W. Douglas; Junk in the Trunk Clothing at 728 W. Douglas; Bluebird Arthouse, which is a client of Miller’s, at 924 W. Douglas; Buy the Book Used Bookstore at 805 W. Maple; Sugar Sisters Bakery at 917 W. Douglas; and Pour Haus Restaurant & Tavern at 1021 W. Maple. The new Flying Stove — Gourmet Street Cuisine also will be in Delano to serve mob participants.

Miller says some business owners were confused about the concept when she approached them. They thought she was trying to sell them something. Miller says it’s they who will be doing the selling.

“The impact that it’s going to make to these business owners I think is going to be huge.”

That’s why she wants to choose only a few businesses to mob at a time.

Too many businesses “spreads the money out too much.”

Miller hopes to hold two or three cash mobs a month.

“This is something I want to do to help our community,” Miller says. “Being a consultant that specializes in small businesses, I see my clients struggle.”

The first cash mob will be a daylong event – from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. – instead of only a couple of hours so businesses aren’t overwhelmed.

Miller hopes cash mob participants will meet at a local watering hole or eatery after each event to help support one more business. This time, it will be the Pour Haus at 6 p.m.

“People in Wichita want to support local business,” Miller says. “I have been completely blown away by the response.”

Junk in the Trunk Clothing to move within Delano

WICHITA — Aimee McCarter is packing her Trunk and moving from one Delano address to another.

“We’re moving actually to the heart of Delano,” she says.

Her Junk in the Trunk Clothing, which is a plus-size resale shop for men and women, opened in 800 square feet in December at 805 W. Maple.

“We actually grew out of our store within a month of opening,” McCarter says. “We need a plus-size store.”

In November, she’s moving to 2,000 square feet at 728 W. Douglas, which is where Savage Threads once was.

In addition to clothing sizes extra large and up, Junk in the Trunk also sells jewelry and accessories.

“We’ve become successful,” McCarter says, “so we’re moving up.”