Rhoden Restoration opens under the Rhoden Roofing umbrella

WICHITA – John Rhoden and Brett Olivier are starting a new company under the Rhoden Roofing umbrella.

Rhoden Restoration will offer restoration and cleaning services for flooding situations.

“We partnered up together,” says Olivier, who first met Rhoden in kindergarten.

Olivier says regardless of the reason for flooding — it could be from a backed-up sewer or sump pump or maybe from a storm — Rhoden Restoration will be able to handle it.

“We’ll go in there and extract all the water. Basically get it dry.”

Olivier says there’s a great need for restoration services in the Wichita area.

“There’s a big market share there,” he says.

“We just felt like there was a need to do that and not chase storms,” he says referring to the roofing business.

Rhoden Roofing does some work around Kansas, but Olivier says it doesn’t generally go to other states following storms.

With Rhoden Restoration, Olivier says the idea is “just take care of a lot of the local people here.”

The company is behind Havertys near 21st and Rock Road in the same office at Rhoden Roofing.

Olivier is a former American Family Insurance agent

“That experience has helped on the other side of doing the claims process.”

You don’t say

“I think it is vital for local business to help out their community because there are so many struggling families most of whom are in predicaments at no fault of their own … .”

– An e-mail from John Rhoden of Rhoden Roofing on why he’s looking for a family to donate a new roof to this holiday season

You don’t say

“It’s going to be tough to say no to some of them.”

John Rhoden of Rhoden Roofing, who had a good year this year thanks to July’s hail storm and is going to give away a free roof to one family in need this Christmas (click here for details if you’d like to be among those Rhoden considers)