Geno & John’s Pizza owner owes taxes for previous pizza place

WICHITA — The Kansas Department of Revenue has filed a tax warrant against restaurateur John Giroux for almost $27,000, much of which he says is penalties and interest.

Giroux owns two Geno & John’s Pizza locations, but that’s not what he owes money for.

It’s for a Knolla’s Pizza Giroux used to own near Harry and Webb, which is where one of his Geno & John’s is now.

Late last year, Giroux and Pat Knolla cut ties.

The Department of Revenue is working with Giroux on a repayment plan.

“Business in the last year has been pretty difficult,” Giroux says. “I do everything I can to try and hold on.”

The economy has forced him to slash pizza prices, but Giroux says his costs are still the same.

A couple of months ago, he also opened a second Geno & John’s at 7603 W. 21st St.

“Here I go,” Giroux says, “another store, not really making it.”

He’s not giving up, though.

“I’m a hard worker,” Giroux says. “I keep battling it. I battle for the product. I think I’ve got a great product.”

A former Knolla’s Pizza is now the first of several planned Geno & John’s Pizzas

WICHITA — The former Knolla’s Pizza at Harry and Webb is now called Geno & John’s Pizza.

Owner John Giroux had to change the name.

“There were some circumstances that arose here in the last month or two that were not in any way acceptable to me as the originator of Knolla’s Pizza,” says Pat Knolla. “As a consequence, I decided to ask Mr. Giroux to get our name down off of that building.”

Giroux says, “I wanted to do other stores. They don’t want to have other stores.”

Neither Knolla nor Giroux will go into further details.

Giroux next plans Geno & John’s on West 21st between Tyler and Ridge.

He’s also looking at potential downtown sites.