Goddard to lose its only hardware store

WICHITA — The only hardware store in Goddard, which is the Goddard Ace Hardware, is closing.

“This is the third recession we’ve been through since we’ve owned the store,” says Mary Carpenter.

She’s owned the business for nine years.

“The businesses were very good about patronizing me,” Carpenter says of places like the schools and city government.

Goddard residents weren’t quite as faithful, she says.

“I think the people who work in town (Wichita) probably shop in town,” Carpenter says.

The store, which is at 19894 W. Kellogg, will close in early May.

Carpenter says the closure has nothing to do with the possibility of Wal-Mart coming to Goddard. As she says, it’s not a definitive deal yet.

“I’ve heard from them, but they keep saying it’s going to be a while yet,” says John Dugan, who owns land Wal-Mart has been eyeing east of Goddard and west of what would be the interchange for a proposed bypass.

Dugan is more than hopeful about Wal-Mart coming, though.

“They say it’s not if, it’s when.”

John Dugan seeks rezoning for one deal and talks with Wal-Mart for another

WICHITA — The planning commission last week voted to recommend city approval for John Dugan to rezone about 50 acres south of Kellogg between 119th and 135th to limited commercial.

“I bought it several years ago to develop,” Dugan says of the property, where there’s also a new frontage road.

He could develop it himself or sell it to someone else.

“We’ve got a couple of things working,” Dugan says. But he also has the property listed with J.P. Weigand & Sons.

“I’ll go any direction,” he says.

“We’re just sitting here like everybody else just ready to do something,” Dugan says. “We think that will be popular when things start happening.”

Dugan also has property in Goddard that Wal-Mart may be interested in.

“We’re talking to them,” he says of land he has east of Goddard and west of what would be the interchange for the proposed bypass.

“They think that’s the new development for commercial,” Dugan says of Wal-Mart. But he adds, “Things have slowed down with them.”