Attitudes Dancewear, Etc. to move, expand within Carriage Parkway

WICHITA — Attitudes Dancewear, Etc. is expanding at Carriage Parkway, which is going to necessitate a move within the shopping center near Central and Edgemoor.

“We are busting at the seams,” says owner Beth Rea. “Dance has just gotten more and more popular.”

The store, which is in about 1,000 square feet, has been open near the middle of the center for eight years.

“It went really fast,” Rea says.

The new store, which will have about 2,400 square feet, with be on the southwest side of the center. It opens July 9.

“We’ll have a lot more visibility from Central,” Rea says.

Tony Utter of Utter Commercial Real Estate and Joey Ritchie of J.P. Weigand & Sons handled the deal.

The additional space will allow for new and expanded lines, Rea says.

“We’ll definitely carry more ballroom and other lines of dance(wear) that we currently have.”

She says eventually she’ll be able to add clothing for gymnastics and possibly cheerleading as well.

Rea says the dance business has been growing for the last decade.

“If that continues, I have bigger dreams for it, but we’ll just see how it goes.”


Sugar Sister Kelli Sykes to reopen Sugar Sisters Bakery in Delano

WICHITA — The Sugar Sisters are back.

Kelli Sykes is reopening Sugar Sisters Bakery, this time in Delano, with a little behind-the-scenes help from her sisters Kristine and Katie.

The sisters closed their original Sugar Sisters Bakery & Cafe near Central and Oliver in January after struggling financially and with service issues for three years.

“I learned from our mistakes the first time,” Kelli Sykes says.

“My sisters kind of gave up (and) wanted to pursue their dreams, but I still wanted to do a bakery,” she says.

“In high school I went to Kapaun, and everyone called me Betty Crocker (and) Mom. They all wanted me to open a bakery. That’s kind of where my dream started.”

The new business will be in 1,200 square feet at 917 W. Douglas just down from Club Billiards.

Joey Ritchie and Leisa Lowry of J.P. Weigand & Sons handled the deal.

Sugar Sisters mainly will be a bakery but will have some lunch items as well and seating for about 10.

Sykes says her bierocks will be a staple.

“Anyone who’s had them has been instantly addicted.”

She’ll also serve chicken salad, quiche and some deli items such as cold pasta.

Since the other business closed, Sykes says she’s been doing special orders and has been receiving great feedback.

For instance, one drug rep orders about 100 cupcakes a week.

“She says every time she takes them somewhere people go crazy,” Sykes says. She says fans of the restaurant have “been going nuts since we closed.”

For those who weren’t fans or were disappointed by a previous experience, Sykes says, “I would invite them to give me another chance.”

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Lbd, etc., which will sell little black dresses and more, to open at Bradley Fair

WICHITA — Looking for the perfect little black dress?

Barb Mann is so sure she’ll have it, she’s naming her new Bradley Fair store the Lbd, etc.

“I just thought, you know, in today’s world with all the texting and everything, Lbd was kind of a cute little term for ‘little black dress,’ ” Mann says.

She plans to open her new store in 1,400 square feet between Bella Luna Cafe and the Frame Shop by late summer.

Mann is a former computer programmer.

“I’ve always been interested in fashion,” she says.

Though the economy may not be the best just now, Mann says, “It’s good timing for me personally.”

Also, she says, “I feel strongly that the economy will recover. It will rebound.”

Mann will sell what she calls “upscale casual” clothing, including dresses, designer jeans and accessories such as jewelry and belts.

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Top China Buffet to open in former Monterrey Mexican Grill

WICHITA — A new restaurant is going in the former Monterrey Mexican Grill space at 3320 N. Rock Road.

The east-side Monterrey closed this fall due to slow business.

Top China Buffet is opening there in February.

Jimmy Wu and his sister, Xiuzhen, are opening the restaurant.

Wu already has New China Buffet at 4858 S. Broadway and New China, which does not have a buffet, at 1860 S. Hillside.

The new restaurant has 5,500 square feet.

“It’s a big one,” Wu says.

It’s not as big as New China Buffet’s 8,000 square feet, though.

Wu says the buffet will have “everything,” including sushi, a grill, oysters, crawfish, lo mein and fried rice.

Andy Boyd of Walter Morris Cos. and Joey Ritchie of J.P. Weigand & Sons handled the lease.

Wu has other restaurant plans as well.

“I hope to get more,” he says. “I hope to get them all over.”