You don’t say

“We actually feel like we have a brand new gallery.”

Joanna Ramondetta of Gallery XII, which has reopened downtown with repatched walls, new paint and a new floor following a burst pipe

Gallery XII temporarily closed

WICHITA — Gallery XII is temporarily closed due to a pipe that burst over the weekend.

“We just couldn’t believe it,” says Joanna Ramondetta, an artist who handles publicity for the gallery.

She says the gallery, which is at 412 E. Douglas, has had small leaks in the past.

This one was large enough to damage a wall, the floor and some art.

“That’s what we’re really worried about,” Ramondetta says.

She says she’s hopeful that conservation work can be done on the art.

Ramondetta says she isn’t sure of the extent of the damage or how long it will take to reopen, but she hopes it’s by the end of this week.