Across Time and Page scrapbooking store to open at Cambridge Market

UPDATED — Another new scrapbooking store is coming to Wichita.

Carmen Ned is opening Across Time and Page in Cambridge Market at 21st and Webb.

Earlier this month, Kathryn and Jeffrey Welch told Have You Heard? that they’re opening Kat Scrap Fever in Clifton Square in College Hill.

A scrapbooking store is a big departure for Ned, who has almost 30 years of HR experience.

When the company she was working for here was purchased by another company, Ned’s position was eliminated.

“My husband brought to my attention that WSU was having a new ventures program,” Ned says.

She attended to learn how to do business planning.

Ned says Timothy Pett, the director of Wichita State University’s Center for Entrepreneurship, was instrumental in her decision to start Across Time and Page.

“He actually liked the idea,” she says. “He saw that it was just a viable business idea and just encouraged me to move forward.”

The store will be in almost 2,000 square feet between Sports Time Fan Shop and Chelmsford Tea & Gifts.

Scott Harper with Landmark Commercial Real Estate handled the deal.

“It has been a hobby of mine,” Ned says of scrapbooking, “and I always noticed that there wasn’t a store in the northeast area.

She says she’ll have space for 20 people to work on projects or have a scrapbooking party. Ned also plans to offer classes along with “just the latest and greatest scrapbooking merchandise.”


Kat Scrap Fever to open in Clifton Square

WICHITA — Kathryn and Jeffrey Welch already have day jobs plus a hair salon in Clifton Square, and now they’re opening a second business.

Kathryn Welch is an avid scrapbooker – she says her husband only likes to look once she’s finished – so she’s now opening Kat Scrap Fever near their Barcelona Hair Lounge in Clifton Square at 3700 E. Douglas.

“I have 400 square feet, and 390 of it is filled with inventory,” Welch says.

She bought a large inventory from someone who planned to open a shop and then didn’t.

“We’re just trying to go through the inventory and get the store set up,” Welch says. “My hope is that we’re up and running … after the first of the year.”

She says the store will have an eBay component in part because her inventory includes a lot of older scrapbooking supplies that she thinks might have more appeal to Internet shoppers.

Welch says the store will start small, but she says she can always expand at another Clifton Square property.

“This is our second investment, so we really just wanted to make sure we weren’t overextending ourselves,” says Welch, who is a physician assistant at Neurology Center of Wichita.

Jeffrey Welch teaches journalism at South High School.

They aren’t looking for any other investments at the moment.

“Oh, god, no,” Kathryn Welch says.

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Couple buys Barcelona Hair Lounge as an investment

WICHITA — When looking for investment opportunities, some people choose stocks or bonds. Others choose real estate.

Physician assistant Kathryn Welch and her husband, high school journalism teacher Jeffrey Welch, have surprised everyone — including themselves — and bought Barcelona Hair Lounge in Clifton Square as an investment.

“I’ve talked with several hair stylists, and they’ve said, ‘You’re crazy. Why would you do that?’ ” Kathryn Welch says.

Unlike, say, a rental property, she says there will be very little maintenance and not much risk in the salon.

There’s one stylist there already and there’s room for two more along with a manicurist.

Previous owner Maria Jose Diaz Vera is returning to Planet Hair, where she used to work.

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