You don’t say

“We now have perhaps a bike lane, perhaps a smart car lane, perhaps a no pick-up lane. Waiting for instructions.”

– An e-mail from Jane Deterding of Citizens Bank of Kansas on what she calls the “unique” new lane markings at 135th and 21st streets

You don’t say

“I’m just thinking, how did that conversation go? Should we go to Betty’s house or should we go to the Dillons at Rock and Central?”

Jane Deterding of Citizens Bank of Kansas, who stopped into Dillons for lunch Friday and was delighted to see “four silver-haired ladies enjoying their afternoon” playing bridge at a four-top table

You don’t say

“Another snow day for the kids… reason enough to head to work early!”

— A Monday morning Facebook entry by Jane Deterding of Citizens Bank of Kansas

Barrier’s files Chapter 11 and plans to liquidate (updated version)

WICHITA — Barrier’s, the longtime jewelry and gift store on the northeast corner of Douglas and Oliver, has filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy with $938,788 in liabilities and $2,815,582 in assets.

“We have made a Chapter 11 filing, and now we’re in the process of planning our next steps,” says Mary Ellen Barrier.

Barrier says she can’t say whether the bankruptcy means the store will close or sell.

“I just do not know yet,” she says. “All these final decisions have not been made.”

According to the bankruptcy filing, though, the store is having a liquidation sale.

“There’s a teachable moment here,” says Barrier’s attorney Ed Nazar.

“We’ve lost an icon for Wichita, and I feel very sad about that. And we’ve lost that icon for two reasons.

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You don’t say

“Yes, the Intrust Bank Arena looks like a cruise ship all right. The Titanic. And you know what happened to that.”

– An anonymous message from a reader responding to Jane Deterding’s comment that the arena looks like a cruise ship

You don’t say

WICHITA — “Am I the only one that thinks that the new Intrust Bank Arena looks like a cruise ship?”
Jane Deterding, executive vice president and general counsel of Citizens Bank of Kansas