Sunburst Plaza space will play host to an auction, but not for the property

WICHITA — There’s an auction sign at the former Integrity Auto Group space on East Douglas, but the building isn’t being auctioned.

Current tenant Valero, which subleased to the auto company, is auctioning some miscellaneous items at the space.

Valero’s lease is up next month at Sunburst Plaza at 1725, which is Phil Ruffin’s property at 1725 E. Douglas.

That part of the building is available for lease.

Shine Salon to move to Sunburst Plaza

UPDATED — There’s a new tenant coming to Phil Ruffin’s Sunburst Plaza at 1725 at 1725 E. Douglas, which may be better known as the home of Tanya’s Soup Kitchen.

Shine Salon is moving into 2,500 square feet next to the former Integrity Auto Group space at the center.

“We’ve kind of been looking to expand, to grow our business,” says Val Sigg, who owns the business with his wife, Casey. “Our business has been fantastic.”

The salon will celebrate five years at 110 N. Hillside on March 18.

Currently, Shine has six styling chairs and eight stylists.

“We’re trying to accommodate 14 hair stylists at our new space,” Sigg says. “We are actively looking for … hair stylists to come work with us over there.”

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Possible new tenant at Sunburst Plaza

WICHITA — There’s some activity going on at Phil Ruffin’s Sunburst Plaza at 1725, which is at 1725 E. Douglas and is best known for being home to Tanya’s Soup Kitchen.

There’s about 2,500 square feet adjacent to the former Integrity Auto Group space that’s being readied for a new tenant.

A deal for that tenant is imminent. We’ll let you know when it closes.

Integrity Auto Group’s two car lots to consolidate at one custom-built site near 143rd and Kellogg

Pat Boyle stands in front of the future home of Integrity Auto Group near 143rd and Kellogg.

WICHITA — After years of having two car lots, Integrity Auto Group owner Pat Boyle is streamlining his business by customizing one new building to meet his company’s and customers’ needs.

“One of the things that I learned early on from my mentors is to basically keep the business as simple as possible,” Boyle says.

In early October, he’s closing used car lots he has near Douglas and Hydraulic and Kellogg and Broadway to open one location just east of the QuikTrip at 143rd and Kellogg.

“Our leases are coming up, and we decided to do this project,” Boyle says.

The business has had several sites since it opened in 1999, each of which Boyle remodeled from previous uses, including a convenience store.

Those locations “served our purpose but probably it’s been a situation where the quality of our cars has always way outran the quality of our facilities,” Boyle says.

Martsolf Enterprises is custom building a new 2,400-square-foot building on 1.6 acres at 14422 E. Kellogg.

“Obviously, there’s a lot of traffic going through that area,” Boyle says. “Wichita and Andover have kind of merged together. There’s not a big gap there anymore.”

Downtown doesn’t offer the same density of people on a consistent basis, Boyle says.

“People leave the area around 5:30 in the evenings … and you know it’s not a high-traffic area on the weekends.”

On East Kellogg, he says, “There’s a constant flow of traffic all week.”

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Ruffin Properties remodels building at 1725 E. Douglas

WICHITA — Businessman Phil Ruffin’s building at 1725 E. Douglas, which is at Douglas and Hydraulic, is undergoing a significant remodel.

“We’re tearing everything out,” says Chris Ruffin, director of real estate for his father’s Ruffin Properties.

There’s 2,500 square feet on one end where Integrity Auto Group is. That company has three years left on its lease.

The part that will be remodeled is 8,000 square feet on the other end of the building.

“It’ll all be used for retail now,” Phil Ruffin says.

He says new glass will be installed on the front of the building.

“We’re going to put a storefront on it.”

He says the conversion makes sense.

Chris Ruffin says the new look will be a “hipster” cross between an upscale industrial and warehouse look.

“It’s going to be pretty cool.”