Wichita Brewing Co. & Pizzeria to debut Hopperoni Express food truck

WICHITA — Just as some food trucks in Wichita begin to establish permanent locations, some restaurants are expanding with food truck service.

The latest is the Wichita Brewing Co. & Pizzeria, which will debut the Hopperoni Express in about a month.

“We’ve kind of become good friends with the Flying Stove guys,” co-owner Jeremy Horn says of the popular food truck. “Basically their success has kind of inspired us … to utilize that option as a growth plan.”

Horn says the truck will make lunchtime stops around the city.

“We want to hit basically the whole city.”

Initially, the truck will serve five types of pizzas at a time, rotating among the restaurant’s signature styles. The pizzas will be 10 inches instead of the restaurant’s standard 12-inch pizzas.

“We want to keep it sort of simple,” Horn says.

The truck also will go to events around the city. Horn says he’s still researching options.

“We want the thing running as much as possible.”