Issa brothers buy Scotch & Sirloin

Scotch & Sirloin, 5325 E. Kellogg Photo by Megan True/ TheWichita EagleWICHITA — Mike Issa now confirms what Have You Heard? reported last month.

He and his brothers, Ty and Ali, have purchased the Scotch & Sirloin.

“The Scotch is the oldest institution in Wichita,” Mike Issa says.

There actually are older restaurants, but Issa says, “We really believe this is Wichita’s tradition restaurant. We would love to be part of it.”

The Issas officially take over Jan. 16.

The brothers first approached majority owner Lindy Andeel a couple of years ago about buying the restaurant, which is on East Kellogg between Oliver and Edgemoor.

“We got busy with other venues,” Issa says of the delay.

The Issas own Larkspur Bistro & Bar in Old Town, YaYa’s EuroBistro in Bradley Fair, Hereford House at Terradyne Country Club, Heat Cigar & Hookah Lounge near Central and Rock and some IHOP restaurants in Wichita and Emporia.

Mike Issa is going to be more of a presence at the Scotch than his brothers.

“I’m going to be at the Hereford House, too,” he says of where he generally can be found already.

Issa says he and his brothers are able to do so many restaurants with “great help” and a “great management team.”

Karl Bachman is the new general manager the Issas hired to work at the Scotch. He’s already there.

Longtime general manager Sonny Glennon is still there, too.

“He’s still part of the whole package with us,” Mike Issa says.

Whether Glennon is still a co-owner in the business is unclear. Glennon referred questions to Issa, and Issa says only, “He’ll be working with our team 100 percent.”

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A change is in the works at Scotch & Sirloin

WICHITA — An ownership change appears to be in the works at one of Wichita’s most-storied restaurants, but no one seems to want to discuss it.

According to a filing with the state, Steaks R Us has applied for a liquor license at the Scotch & Sirloin.

Mike Issa, who is in business with his brothers Ty and Ali at several restaurants, is the applicant.

Mike Issa didn’t return a call for comment. Neither did Scotch co-owner Lindy Andeel.

Ty Issa demurs when asked about a possible purchase.

“Every time someone sees me having dinner with Lindy, they assume I’m doing something,” he says.

Scotch co-owner Sonny Glennon, who has been the face of the restaurant for years as the ever-present host, does not want to discuss a possible transaction with the Issas.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” he said when initially asked about a sale last week.

This week, Glennon suggested asking the Issas what’s going on.

Doug Farha also is an owner of the Scotch. He did not return a call for comment.

The Issas own Larkspur Bistro & Bar in Old Town, YaYa’s EuroBistro in Bradley Fair, Hereford House at Terradyne Country Club, Heat Cigar & Hookah Lounge near Central and Rock and some IHOP restaurants in Wichita and Emporia.

Their deal at the Scotch is expected to close about a month into the new year. Look for more details soon.

Issa brothers opening Emporia IHOP

WICHITA — A year and a half after buying their first IHOP, the Issa brothers are ready to open their second one, this time in Emporia.

“We had an opportunity, and we took it,” says Ali, who is partners in the business with his brothers Ty and Mike.

They also own Larkspur, Ya Ya’s Eurobistro, Hereford House and Heat Cigar & Hookah Lounge.

Their existing IHOP is at 515 S. Ridge Circle in west Wichita.

Their Emporia IHOP, which will open either Oct. 8 or 9, will be in the former Village Inn space at 2831 W. 18th Ave.

“We didn’t have a plan for Emporia,” Ali Issa says of locating there. “It just came up. … It was a good deal.”

He’s not sure where — or even if — they’ll open another IHOP.

“It’s hard to predict.”

Issa says he’ll spend the next month or two focusing on Emporia, although he says he’ll still continue to pop into Heat, which he also runs.

“Heat’s is doing very well,” he says.

Along with a loyal clientele, Issa says he has good employees to help him.

“We have some very good people (at) both places.”

Terradyne Country Club owners hire Hale Irwin Golf Services to assess club’s future

UPDATED — The group that owns Terradyne Country Club has a contract with Denver-based Hale Irwin Golf Services to assess what to do with the club.

Selling is one option. Taking the club to the next level is another.

“I think all the partners are interested in staying with Terradyne, but we need somebody … to help us become profitable,” says Terradyne managing partner Craig Smith. “We all love Terradyne, but writing a check every month isn’t fun.”

The group, which bought Terradyne six years ago, includes local partners Rob Patton, Don Marvin, Mark Wellemeyer, Duke Evans, Chris Stevens and Jeff Bennett as well as two out-of-state investors.

Smith says the partners spent several million dollars in renovations after purchasing the club, and business did begin turning around initially.

“The golf business was great,” he says.

That changed.

“I don’t think it’s any secret that the golf world is a difficult world to live in because of the economy,” Smith says. “All over the country the golf business is difficult.”

Terradyne has a 60-day contract with Hale Irwin for the group to study the club and how to improve it. There’s a chance Hale Irwin may be interested in purchasing the club.

“They’ll consider it,” Smith says. “I don’t know whether they’ll do it.”

For now, Hale Irwin is doing a “thorough review of all the things that we’re doing.”

After the contract is up, Smith says there’s a chance Terradyne will hire Hale Irwin to help make some changes.

“They’ve had great ideas for us just verbally,” he says. “The initial thing is for them to come in and get it profitable.”

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Issa brothers purchase west-side IHOP

WICHITA — The restaurateuring Issa brothers have purchased the IHOP at 515 S. Ridge Circle, just down from the new Panera Bread.

“It’s a good opportunity,” Ali Issa says. “There’s a future in it. They’re very successful.”

Issa and his brothers, Ty and Mike, also will continue to operate Larkspur, Hereford House and Heat Cigar & Hookah Lounge.

At IHOP, they’re making a lot of changes. Some are cosmetic on the interior and exterior. Other changes include retraining the staff “from A to Z,” Ali Issa says.

He says he and his brothers are not looking to buy other IHOPs, at least not yet.

“We’re too busy with that one. It’s too early to talk about the next venture.”

Local Hereford House owner says an indictment in the Kansas City Hereford House fire won’t affect him

WICHITA — A federal grand jury today indicted the president of the group that owns Hereford House in Kansas City, but local Hereford House owner Mike Issa says it won’t affect him.

According to the Kansas City Star, Rod Anderson, president of the Anderson Restaurant Group, is charged with arson in a 2008 fire that destroyed the landmark Hereford House in Kansas City.

He’s also charged with conspiracy, mail fraud and using fire to commit a federal felony.

“It does not affect anything,” says Issa, whose restaurant is at the Terradyne Country Club. “I’m not affiliated with the Anderson Group whatsoever.”

He says he merely bought a license from the company last year.

“I just want to use their name,” Issa says.

“They have a great concept, a great product,” he says. “Restaurantwise, it has a great reputation.”

Issa says the Anderson Group also stipulates that he has to use Cargill Sterling Silver meat, but he says that’s what he’d want to use anyway.

That’s as far as his connection to Rod Anderson goes, Issa says.

“We are completely two different people.”

Hereford House to open at Terradyne Country Club

WICHITA — Restaurateur Mike Issa and the owners of Terradyne Country Club confirm it: Hereford House is going to open there.

“The deal is going forward,” Issa says.

The restaurant likely will open in the first week of December.

Have You Heard? reported the news earlier this month, though at that time no one involved would comment.

Even if you’re not a member of Terradyne, you’ll be able to eat at the restaurant. In fact, that’s what Issa is counting on.

“Being in that location, it can serve Wichita and all the surrounding area,” he says.

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Hereford House could open at Terradyne Country Club

herefordWICHITA — It looks like diners from the Wichita area will no longer have to drive to Kansas City to enjoy Hereford House.

The popular Kansas City steakhouse — with the slogan, “50 Years Old and Still in Our Prime!” — now has several Kansas City-area locations.

It’s newest location outside of the city likely will be in what’s currently the Palomino Grill at Terradyne Country Club in Andover.

Former Italian Garden owner Mike Issa is working on a deal to open in the space.

No one is talking about it yet, but look for a deal to happen as early as this week.

In August, Issa closed the west-side Italian Garden. The east-side Italian Garden closed prior to that.

Senor Tequila is now in the former Italian Garden space at 21st and Tyler.

After opening at Terradyne, Issa may have the rights to open one more Hereford House in Wichita.

We’ll keep you posted.