Healy Biodiesel to expand, allowing production to triple

WICHITA — Healy Biodiesel, a 5-year-old Sedgwick company, is a few weeks away from moving into new space that will allow it to triple its production.

“We make biodiesel from oils – used cooking oil primarily,” president Ben Healy says. “We are producing probably … about a quarter-million gallons a year currently.”

The biodiesel can be used in cars and trucks.

With a new plant in a Sedgwick industrial park at 250 Industrial Drive, Healy says he expects to be able to produce a million gallons of biodiesel a year.

So what’s that mean for the company?

“A lot more headaches,” he says, perhaps only half joking.

“We’re going to need to add employees,” Healy says.

He’ll also need to add more used cooking oil clients, “which is the backbone of our business.”

Healy particularly will look to Wichita restaurants for help with that.

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