Invio Fine Furniture Consignment to move

WICHITA — This time last year, Have You Heard? reported that for the second time in less than six months — and the third time in less than two years — Invio Fine Furniture Consignment was expanding.

Now, Annie and Eric Johnsen are expanding their east-side business again and moving it to a new area.

The store is moving from 3,750 square feet at the strip center behind Havertys on Rock Road to 4,800 square feet at 535 N. Woodlawn next to Great Harvest Bread.

“It’s got more space, and it’s just more accessible,” Annie Johnsen says.

She says she’s had to advertise quite a bit to let people know where the store is currently, and it’s worked well.

However, Johnsen says the new space “will give us an opportunity to reach more people.”

Though visibility is the main reason behind the move, she says, “We can always use more space.”

Johnsen says she’s added three employees and is making improvements to make it easier for consignors to sell items at the shop.

The store’s new location will open Oct. 2.

History Education Store to move to Reed’s Cove Plaza and change name to Bizzy Bee Education Supplies

WICHITA — The History Education Store is expanding with a new store and a new name.

Cheryl Riley’s store currently is in 1,200 square feet at 1719 N. Rock Road behind Havertys. It’s moving to 1,400 square feet with an option to expand next door for a total of 2,800 square feet at Reed’s Cove Plaza near 21st Street North and 127th Street East.

“Basically, it’s going to be a better location,” Riley says. “We’re going to be more visible.”

The store’s new name will be Bizzy Bee Education Supplies so it will be easier for potential customers to understand what the store is.

“People don’t know it’s supplies for parents and teachers,” Riley says. “It’s for anybody, really. Our customer base is really widespread. … It’ll be a better name to help identify ourselves.”

The History Education Store will be on the front of the store as well so current customers will know they can still get supplies there.

Riley formerly owned the Learning Tree in Andover, which closed in 2004. As she and her husband were cleaning out a shed several years ago, she found some replicas of documents, such as the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, that she used to sell at her store.

“Instead of throwing them away, we decided to go ahead … and put them on Amazon and see if they would actually sell. They started selling very well.”

That grew into a business, which Riley incorporated in 2010. She then opened a storefront in 2012.

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Rhoden Restoration opens under the Rhoden Roofing umbrella

WICHITA – John Rhoden and Brett Olivier are starting a new company under the Rhoden Roofing umbrella.

Rhoden Restoration will offer restoration and cleaning services for flooding situations.

“We partnered up together,” says Olivier, who first met Rhoden in kindergarten.

Olivier says regardless of the reason for flooding — it could be from a backed-up sewer or sump pump or maybe from a storm — Rhoden Restoration will be able to handle it.

“We’ll go in there and extract all the water. Basically get it dry.”

Olivier says there’s a great need for restoration services in the Wichita area.

“There’s a big market share there,” he says.

“We just felt like there was a need to do that and not chase storms,” he says referring to the roofing business.

Rhoden Roofing does some work around Kansas, but Olivier says it doesn’t generally go to other states following storms.

With Rhoden Restoration, Olivier says the idea is “just take care of a lot of the local people here.”

The company is behind Havertys near 21st and Rock Road in the same office at Rhoden Roofing.

Olivier is a former American Family Insurance agent

“That experience has helped on the other side of doing the claims process.”

Invio Fine Furniture Consignment to expand

WICHITA — For the second time in less than six months — and the third time in less than two years — Invio Fine Furniture Consignment is expanding.

Andrea and Eric Johnsen are adding another 1,250 square feet to their furniture consignment shop in the strip center behind Havertys on Rock Road for a total of 3,750 square feet.

“It’s just really grown,” Andrea Johnsen says of the business, which started in Diva Furniture a couple of doors down.

Invio expanded into its own space in October 2011 and most recently expanded again in May.

Johnsen says her store is doing so well, she could probably handle 8,000 square feet, but she’d rather “take a baby step.”

Consignment is popular right now with customers who have unwanted furniture pieces, Johnsen says.

“They don’t want to just give them away.”

She says when customers come in to consign their furniture, “they end up purchasing as well.”

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Invio Fine Furniture Consignment expands and Cohlmia Interiors opens at center behind Havertys on Rock Road

UPDATED — The strip center behind Havertys on Rock Road has inadvertently become something of a design center.

“Yeah, it’s kind of neat,” owner Steve Clark says. He considers the center at 1719 N. Rock something of “an incubator for small businesses.”

“It has evolved into a little design center there.”

Diva Furniture is at the north end of the center, and Invio Fine Furniture Consignment, which has been located within Diva, is now moving to its own 1,200-square-foot space two doors down.

“We have an option to expand over here,” Invio owner Andrea Attwater says. “I’d love to double our space.”

For now, she still has 1,000 square feet within Diva to sell some of her more high-end pieces.

The new space is open during construction. Attwater plans to have an open house Oct. 20.

“That’s my goal, to be all painted and ready.”

JK Design also is located within the Diva space.

Budget Blinds is between Diva and Invio.

Different Perspectives Photography, a photography studio, is on the other side of Invio’s new storefront.

On the other side of that, Jeff Cohlmia has opened Cohlmia Interiors in 2,400 square feet.

That’s substantially smaller than the 8,300-square-foot Home Gallery by Cohlmia he used to have near Central and Woodlawn.

“We have basically the same manufacturers, but we are showing some things that are less expensive but still in the same quality range,” Cohlmia says. “We’re happy to be open again, and we hope to see everyone.”

Attwater is happy for the unplanned design center.

“It’s kind of fun,” she says.

As Clark says, “It’s always good to have some synergistic uses in a property like that.”