Midwest Kia franchise may move to the southeast corner of Kellogg and Tyler

UPDATED — When Ford dealer Les Eck announced he was buying Wichita’s Midwest Kia franchise this summer, he said the dealership would “stay at its current location for now.”

“We’ll be doing something new in the future, the next year,” he said.

It looks like that time may be now.

The Oct. 4 agenda for the area planning board has a platting item for something called the KIA addition at the southeast corner of Kellogg and Tyler. The property is 6.71 acres.

The Kia dealership currently is at 6401 E. Kellogg, just across and a few blocks west of Eck’s Rusty Eck Ford at 7310 E. Kellogg.

When Steven Auto Group announced it was selling the Kia dealership to Eck, Steven CEO Harold Johnson told The Eagle his company was interested in selling because Kia wanted a new facility, possibly at a different location.

“After doing (a new) Toyota building, and Infiniti and Volkswagen before that, we said, ‘Let somebody else have that fun.’”

No one is commenting yet about possible new Kia space. We’ll keep you posted.