West-side Realty World Alliance to move

UPDATED — Realty World Alliance continues to grow, so owner Greg Fox is moving his west-side office to accommodate that.

“Frankly, I’m nearly doubling my space, so it’s giving us a lot more room to grow,” Fox says.

Currently, Realty World has 3,700 square feet at Northwest Centre at 13th and Tyler. It’s moving to 6,800 square feet at 6617 W. Central, which is a former Blockbuster site across from Two Brothers BBQ.

“We decided that we would rather have a stand-alone building,” Fox says. “People seem to find you a lot easier.”

Fox and Troy Farha and Nathan Farha of NAI Martens handled the deal for the lease.

The move should happen in early March. Fox thinks he’ll initially need about 4,000 square feet of the 6,800 square feet, and the rest will be room to grow.

“My business everywhere is growing,” he says. “I’m a blessed man.”

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You don’t say

“This year is starting off with a bang. … Would I say we’re second in the nation? I don’t know about that.”

Realty World Alliance’s Greg Fox on a “Today” story this week that puts Wichita at No. 2 on a list of 10 real estate markets that are rebounding

Realty World Alliance expands on east, west sides

WICHITA — Greg Fox’s Realty World Alliance is expanding on the east and west sides.

“We’ve had a pretty good year, and we keep growing,” Fox says. “I like the steady pace we’re growing.”

Fox is moving his east-side office from Tallgrass Office Park on East 22nd Street to 6100 E. Central near Central and Woodlawn.

“We’re clear on the north end of the parking lot,” he says of Tallgrass. “It just doesn’t have the street presence.”

He backs up to a golf course.

“It’s gorgeous, and I love it,” Fox says. “But it’s difficult for clients to find because they really have to wind around in there.”

His new space will be 5,000 square feet, which is bigger than his current 3,300 square feet.

Fox also is expanding on the west side at Northwest Centre at 13th and Tyler, where he moved in late 2008.

“We really filled up the office space,” Fox says of the 2,900 square feet he has there.

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