Drainage work under way at 31st Street South and Greenwich, but Greenwich Plaza still a few years away

WICHITA — South-siders and others passing by the 31st Street South and Greenwich area are wondering what’s going on at the southwest corner of that intersection. It used to be home to horses, but now the horses are gone and machinery to move dirt is in their place.

“It’s really not a new development,” developer Len Marotte says. “It’s something we planned years ago called Greenwich Plaza.”

The property, which is 8.2 acres, already is zoned for limited commercial use. The development likely is still a few years away, though.

“It’s basically a diversion project for drainage,” Marotte says of the work being done. It “opens up the middle portion of our site for development.”

He’d been letting a friend with horses use the property for grazing. Once machinery arrived to fix the drainage, the horses had to go.

“We didn’t want to, you know, scare the horses,” Marotte says.

He says he hasn’t started marketing the property and has “no immediate plans for anything at the moment.”

“It’ll probably be several years,” Marotte says. “It’s still very rural out there. … QuikTrip’s not knocking our door down to locate there.”

With the drainage work, though, he says “maybe I can get it moving a little quicker.”