Gold’s Gym may not come to Wichita after all

WICHITA — As Have You Heard? has chronicled the ever-growing list of new workout facilities coming to town, the natural follow-up question has been, “Can Wichita support all these places?”

Apparently, the folks at Gold’s Gym may have been wondering the same thing.

No one with the Texas-based company could be reached for comment, but it looks like Gold’s may not be headed here after all.

In January, Coleman Brown, director of real estate for TRT Holdings in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, told Have You Heard? that “we have identified Wichita as a market that we are going to build out, and we do have some sites that we’re currently working.”

It looked like the company wanted at least three gyms in different locations across Wichita. A deal at Harry and Rock was close to being finalized.

Planet Fitness may have had an impact on Gold’s decision to come here.

The chains negotiated for some of the same spaces. For instance, Gold’s apparently wanted to locate at 21st and Amidon, but Planet Fitness got the deal done. This may have affected the Harry and Rock deal.

At best, Gold’s plans for the market appear to be on hold. We’ll let you know if that changes.

Title Boxing Club to open at Shops at Tallgrass; two more clubs could follow

WICHITA — Even Wichitans who aren’t looking to get in shape are going to have a hard time avoiding gyms soon.

In addition to new Planet Fitness and Gold’s Gym locations, Title Boxing Club is coming to the city.

It may sound exclusive to boxers, but the franchise actually is a fitness center.

“We’re basically taking the danger out,” says Chris Gerhardt, who is opening the business with Matt McClure. Gerhardt says they want it to “be something everyone can do just to get in shape.”

The first of what they think will be three Title Boxing Clubs will open in 5,527 square feet near 21st and Rock Road at the Shops at Tallgrass early this summer.

Gerhardt is a business consultant and former employee of equipment dealer Title Boxing, which is the company that started the fitness franchise in Kansas City.

So far, 144 franchises have been purchased, and 25 are open nationally.

For $59.99 a month, clients can have group classes and individual training using the same exercises as those who box or do mixed martial arts.

“We just turn it into (a) regular workout program for everybody,” Gerhardt says.

There’s a boxing ring, but he says the majority of the class is on a boxing bag.

The classes have a warm-up, boxing rounds and core work at the end.

“This gym offers a coach that’s with you the entire time,” Gerhardt says. “There’s some pretty fantastic coaches that are already on board.”

That includes pro boxer Manny Thompson and Ross “The Boss” Puritty, a former heavyweight world champion.

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