Peterson Publications no longer will produce Go Wichita’s visitors guide

WICHITA — Last year, Have You Heard? reported that Peterson Publications no longer would produce the Kansas Official Visitors Guide, much to the disappointment of the Topeka-based company’s president, Jeff Peterson.

Now, the company is no longer going to produce the Go Wichita visitors guide, but Peterson says that was his choice.

“We’re just reorganizing some of the things that we are doing here,” he says. “This was really strictly a business decision.”

Peterson says he hopes the convention and visitors bureau would hire a local company to do the work.

“With the Wichita guide, it really takes … going and seeing a lot of the smaller businesses there. We’re not right in Wichita, so it was quite a bit of travel for our sales manager.”

Peterson says it may have been different if the company still was producing the state guide.

Go Wichita has hired Arizona-based Madden Media, which also produces the state guide.

“They did excellent work with the state, so we included them in the opportunity to bid,” says Go Wichita spokesman James Williams.

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Landmark’s Craig Simon takes over WaterWalk commercial leasing

WICHITA — Craig Simon of Landmark Commercial Real Estate is now handling commercial leasing at WaterWalk Place near Main and Waterman in addition to a few other properties Jack DeBoer owns.

“He’s just really excited about what’s going on downtown,” WaterWalk’s Vanessa Johnson says of Simon. “He’s really interconnected.”

There are five suites left on the west side of the first floor of WaterWalk Place. They’re 1,485 square feet each, except for one smaller suite that is 1,025 square feet.

“Hopefully we’ll have an announcement here in another 30 days,” Simon says of a new tenant.

Current tenants are V Wealth Management, Pulaski Bank, Fabulous Salon and Gifts, Kelley, York & Associates and Brothers & Co.

“That was designed for retail,” Simon says of the ground floor beneath residential condos. “It’s better suited for office right now.”

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Neighbors say goodbye to John Rolfe and hello to Jon Rolph

WICHITA — Former Go Wichita CEO John Rolfe may be heading to a new job in Houston, but there still will someone by the same name living in his northeast Wichita house.

It’s simply spelled differently.

Jon Rolph, president of Sasnak Management, is buying John Rolfe’s house.

Jon Rolph says their real estate agent handled it brilliantly.

“She’d call one John Rolfe and then hang up and call the other Jon Rolph and then hang up and call the other John Rolfe,” he says. “That had to have been a heck of a place to be.”

The two have been friends since Jon Rolph returned to Wichita a decade ago. He made a point to meet John Rolfe. In addition to becoming friends, the two shared each other’s mail through the years, and their assistants came to know each other because people would call to make or cancel plans with one of them when really they wanted the other.

When Jon Rolph heard John Rolfe is leaving to become chief operations officer for the Greater Houston Convention & Visitors Bureau, he told his friend he didn’t have to go.

“John, the town’s big enough for both of us.”

Jon Rolph is sorry to see Rolfe and his wife, Felicia, leave Wichita. He also feels for his future mailman, who will have to bring him his mail and forward John Rolfe’s.

“For the mailman to try to keep that straight … I don’t know how he’ll do it.”


You don’t say

“Hey, Jimmy, we’ll leave the light on for you.”

Go Wichita spokesman Ken Vandruff inviting Jimmy Kimmel to visit Wichita in response to a skit on his show joking that the city is a great spring break destination

You don’t say

“He was like, ‘Dude, don’t go to Wichita.’ His reasoning was that it’s Kansas.”

ROK ICT’s Jared Brickman, whose New York-based friend Jeff Bower will be announced as one of the winners in Go Wichita’sSearch for Wichita Skeptics” contest tomorrow at a 2:30 p.m. press conference

You don’t say

“Tip cows. . . . Watch tumbleweeds roll by. . . . Catch a connecting flight.”
— Some entrants’ responses on what there is to do in Wichita for Go Wichita’sSearch for Wichita Skeptics” contest, which was judged Wednesday (winners will be announced later)

Go Wichita launches contest


“The Wizard of Oz.”

“Cowboys and Indians.”


These are some of the kinder perceptions leisure travelers made in survey conducted by Go Wichita, formerly known as the Greater Wichita Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Some of the not-so-kind remarks?

“First bathroom break on the way to Colorado.”

“As familiar as some town in the middle of Canada.”


Tumbleweeds were a common theme, too.

Go Wichita and branding agency Sullivan Higdon & Sink are out to change those perceptions with a contest they started today.

The Search for Wichita Skeptics” encourages Wichita-area residents to nominate people from other places who have less-than-positive views of the city.

Nominations, which involve a bit of Mad-Libbing, will be accepted until April 22. Five finalists will be selected, and those will be narrowed to three winners (selected in online voting), who will win trips to — where else? — Wichita.