Brian Riordan steering Riordan Clinic to financial health

riordanWICHITA — The founders of the new Vis Clinic told Have You Heard? last week that they left Riordan Clinic (the former Center for the Improvement of Human Functioning International) in part because of an increased focus on business and a decreased emphasis on patient care.

CEO Brian Riordan, son of the late clinic founder Hugh Riordan, wasn’t immediately available for comment Friday but is now.

Patient care has “always been a focus, and we’ve never done anything to diminish that or sacrifice it,” Riordan says. “In fact, it’s improving.”

He is, though, paying “more attention to nickels and dimes.”

Without that, Riordan says, the clinic would cease to exist.

“We have reserves, but the operating loss is substantial,” he says.

Riordan won’t discuss specific numbers, but since he took over in January, he says, the clinic is “much, much improved” financially.

“We had a huge loss in 2009. We’ll have a much smaller loss in 2010.”

By next year, Riordan thinks the clinic will no longer be losing money, “which is kind of a miraculous recovery from 2009.”

One step toward financial wellness was to convert the clinic’s restaurant to a smoothie bar, which has been an unpopular move with some.

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Five former Riordan Clinic employees to start Vis Clinic

Chad Krier and Rebecca Kirby of Vis Clinic.

Chad Krier and Rebecca Kirby of Vis Clinic.

WICHITA — Five employees of Riordan Clinic (formerly known as the Center for the Improvement of Human Functioning International) have left to form their own clinic.

“We’re going to be doing a lot of what we were doing before,” says Jan Revard, a biochemist who handled marketing and public relations for Riordan.

The new business, which will open in a couple of weeks, is Vis Clinic.

“Vis is the healing power of nature,” Revard says.

The clinic will open in 3,600 square feet of a building south of Il Vicino and Gessler Drug Co. near Douglas and Oliver.

It will have two doctors: Rebecca Kirby, a family practice doctor and registered dietitian, and Chad Krier, a naturopathic physician and chiropractor.

Registered nurses Marsha McCray and Michelle Swift also left Riordan to form the new clinic.

Revard and Angela Krier, Chad Krier’s wife, will handle marketing and PR as well as the office and reception at the new clinic.

“It’s going to be a nutritionally based clinic,” Revard says.

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Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market most likely not coming to Normandie Center

WICHITA — It looks like the potential deal for a Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market at Normandie Center is off.

Debbie McNeal of RP Realty Partners says she has no idea what’s going on with Wal-Mart, but she’s trying to find new tenants for the Star Lumber and Whole Foods spaces.

That’s “because the owners told me to go ahead.”

Whole Foods is moving to the former Gessler Drug Co. space to make room for Wal-Mart.

Gessler had planned on moving anyway, but its time line was moved up due to Wal-Mart. It’s now where AAA Kansas used to be next to Il Vicino near Douglas and Oliver.

McNeal has 32,000 square feet to lease where Whole Foods is vacating and Star Lumber used to be.

She has another 4,000 square feet where YB Meats once was. And she has some office space north of the former Star Lumber building as well.

The only certain Neighborhood Market for Wichita so far is at Central and Maize.

Gessler Drug Co. to relocate from Normandie Center to Lincoln Heights Village area

gessleraugWICHITA — Gessler Drug Co. is heading home.

So says Hal Schwarz, who is relocating the store from Normandie Center at Central and Woodlawn to where AAA Kansas used to be next to Il Vicino near Douglas and Oliver.

That’s one corner over from where Gessler first opened in Wichita in 1938. Watermark Books & Cafe is there today.

Schwarz says Gessler was one of the original anchor tenants in what became Lincoln Heights Village in 1949.

When he recently was looking for new space, Schwarz says the 4,300-square-foot location he found “just stood out far and above anything else we had seen.”

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Gessler Drug Co. to leave Normandie and open two new stores

It looks like Wal-Mart’s possible move to Normandie Center at Central and Woodlawn is forcing at least one longtime business to leave earlier than planned.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing, says Hal Schwarz, president of Gessler Drug Co., who hopes to open two new stores after moving out of Normandie in August.

Schwarz was manager of Gessler when it moved to Normandie in 1965.

“It wasn’t that long ago,” he says. “I still see people I saw that first year.”

But a while back, he decided to go month-to-month on his lease instead of renewing it.

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