Hutchinson-based Apron Strings store to have second shop in Delano

WICHITA — There’s good news for Wichita fans of Hutchinson’s Apron Strings shop.

Owner Anne Dowell is opening a second kitchen and dining store in Delano in June.

“We have a lot of good customers out of Wichita now, so hopefully we can be a little closer to them and gain a lot more,” she says. “There just seems to be a need in Wichita. There isn’t any other store like ours.”

The Apron Strings tagline is, “Be practical with style.”

“We do a lot of gifts out of here, but we also do a lot of practical tools,” Dowell says. “We have anything for the dining room or kitchen, but not furniture.”

That includes linens, decorative dishes, cutting boards, mixers, cookbook holders and wine glasses among other things.

The store will go in about 3,000 square feet at 810 W. Douglas, which is the space Lady Grace Boutique is leaving at the end of March. That store is moving to George Holland’s development at the northwest corner of Kellogg and Tyler.

Dowell says Delano is very similar to the Main Street area where her shop is in Hutchinson.

“We are in a historic area. We are in a old building that’s been renovated. . . . It’s got more character and personality.”

That’s what she says she found in Delano.

“It just seemed to feel right.”

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Lady Grace to leave Delano for the west side

WICHITA — Lady Grace, a Delano boutique, soon will be gracing the west side.

Jodie Mayer’s shop currently is at 810 W. Douglas. In March, she’s moving it to George Holland’s development at the northwest corner of Kellogg and Tyler.

“I like the looks of those buildings,” Mayer says of the western-themed buildings on the property.

There’s one thing she likes even more, though.

“Traffic,” Mayer says.

She says there will be a lot more cars coming by her new shop.

“We just don’t have the traffic in the Delano area,” Mayer says.

The more than two-year-old Lady Grace sells women’s clothing, jewelry, purses and boots.

The new space will have 1,500 square feet, which is a bit smaller than the current Lady Grace space.

Look for the new location to open by the middle of March at the latest.

Subway Sandwiches is George Holland’s first tenant at his new retail development near Kellogg and Tyler

WICHITA — George Holland of Holland Ventures has landed his first tenant for the cow town-themed development he’s starting on more than 11 acres near the northwest corner of Kellogg and Tyler.

Subway Sandwiches will open in 1,400 square feet later this year.

Holland says Subway spent a “long time conversating back and forth” on the deal.

“They’ve been talking to me since … 2001,” he says. “We’ve been trying to get something going.”

Initially, Subway wanted to buy property, but eventually the chain settled on a long-term lease instead.

Leon Moeder of Moeder & Associates helped handle the deal.

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Two retails centers coming to Kellogg and Tyler have a temporary cow town theme

WICHITA — Last month, Have You Heard? reported on two new retail centers George Holland is building on more than 11 acres on the corner where the Horn bar sits and where his Holland Paving and Holland Ventures offices are.

Since then, though, readers have been wondering what’s up with the cow town theme the development has.

The buildings that have gone up so far look as if they’re off the set of a western movie.

Holland would rather not discuss details of where the buildings came from.

Hint: Think about what short-lived business was forced to have a fire sale of western buildings a few years back.

Holland eventually plans to renovate the buildings.

“We’re going to make them storefronts,” he says. “We’re not going to make them shootout galleries.”

Holland may have details on his first tenant, a national business, within 10 days or so.

“The deal’s in the works.”

Northwest corner of Kellogg and Tyler to be home to two new retail centers

WICHITA — After a false start a few years back, George Holland is moving ahead with two new retail centers near Kellogg and Tyler.

Holland owns more than 11 acres at the corner, including property where the Horn bar sits and where he has his Holland Paving and Holland Ventures offices.

“It’s time to build,” Holland says.

He plans two retail centers, one that’s 4,500 square feet and one that’s 3,000 square feet, under the name Holland Plaza.

Holland looked into building previously but had trouble attracting interest from potential tenants.

“We just never brought anybody to the table to sit down and make a deal,” he says.

Though he doesn’t have any contracts yet, Holland says there is interest this time around.

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