Train Insane CrossFit to open downtown

WICHITA – Cole Warner and Breanna Long hope to take advantage of the fitness craze CrossFit and otherwise with their new Train Insane CrossFit gym.

The two, who used to work for another Wichita fitness business, will open theirs in 7,000 square feet at 235 N. Emporia.

Warner says he was helping his previous employer find space for another gym when he found this downtown space. He says his employer decided not to use it, and he and Long decided they wanted it.

“I like the open view,” Warner says. He says his building isn’t surrounded by others.

“People can see us driving by very easily.”

Warner is a former Friends University football player, and he now is a linebacker coach there.

Long is a former Valley Center cheerleader. She says she was going to go on to cheer at Wichita State University but was injured.

Then she got in on the fitness training craze and lost 30 pounds.

Train Insane CrossFit will have CrossFit classes and some boot camp-style training. Warner says it will be intense but “not so intense to scare people away.”

Cristi Howell of J.P. Weigand & Sons handled the deal for the space.

Train Insane will offer free one-week trials when it opens, which should be in early October.

Valley Center’s Midwest Dance Mechanix to move to Wichita and expand

UPDATED — The 3-year-old Midwest Dance Mechanix in Valley Center has grown so much – from 35 students to about 175 – it’s out of space.

Owner Jana Owen looked for new space in Valley Center but didn’t find any, so she’s instead moving to 3805 N. Hydraulic in Wichita. That’s the northwest corner of 37th and Hydraulic. She says it’s only 10 minutes from where she is now, “which is important to me to not alienate … the people who we started our business with.”

The business is growing from two studios in 2,300 square feet to three studios in more than 4,500 square feet.

“It’s got some real benefits to it,” Owen says of the building. She says it’s safe and quiet, and “it just has a real presence about it.”

Owen says she’ll be able to add more classes so students can practice more and, she hopes, go on to become professional dancers.

That’s “the ultimate goal for us,” she says.

“It’s just really kind of coming to the culmination of what I’ve always wanted for the kids.”

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Paradise Donuts and Coffeehouse to open in former Wonder Bread space

UPDATED — A second helping of Paradise is coming to the west side.

Marilyn and Hervey Wright III are opening Paradise Donuts and Coffeehouse near Maple and Maize, which will be the second Paradise Donuts on the west side.

Steve Trask opened one at 3107 W. Central in 2010.

The Tulsa-based Paradise Donuts offers licensing agreements for an area of three to five miles.

“We just have had this in the back of our minds, and the timing seemed to be right,” says Marilyn Wright, who used to work in accounting at Koch Industries.

Hervey Wright was in administration at Friends University for 20 years.

Marilyn Wright says they both grew up loving doughnuts.

Her mother made homemade bread and doughnuts with an inspiring effect.

“Hers were so good that people came to church on Sundays when she provided the fellowship refreshments.”

A young Hervey Wright, who was known as Billy back then, used to perch on a stool to watch his grandmother create cake doughnuts. He once wrote his name on her doughnut recipe card.

“And the doughnuts were forever called ‘Billy Doughnuts,’” Marilyn Wright says.

She says they chose the Paradise affiliation because the brand allows them the flexibility to do their own menu and store design.

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You don’t say

“I thought it might actually be interesting to see which one sells the most, but I think it might be skewed a little bit because I think the elephant might be a bit larger.”

Friends University English professor Marv Hinten on the Dough-Bama and Mitt Yum-ney doughnuts at LaMar’s Donuts

Buy the Book Used Bookstore to open in Delano on Saturday

WICHITA — If you think you’re busy, consider Heather Dellinger.

She works a full-time job, is getting her MBA at Friends University and now is opening Buy the Book Used Bookstore in Delano.

“I’m just very focused,” Dellinger says of how she’s doing it all.

The store, at 805 W. Maple near the intersection of Seneca and Maple, opens Saturday.

For now, it will be open only on the weekends – 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Saturdays, 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Sundays. Within a month or so, Dellinger says she’ll add evening hours as well.

The store will sell all genres of used books and take trade as well.

“Books have just always been a passion of mine,” Dellinger says.

She’s also always wanted to own her own business.

“So it just kind of goes hand-in-hand.”

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A Brianna Leigh Salon to open in Delano

WICHITA — It’s not enough that stylist Brianna Williams has been self employed for eight of her 13 years in the salon business.

Williams, who has a business administration degree from Friends University, wants her own place — not just a booth rental at another person’s business.

In fact, Williams decided she needed to have her own place by age 30.

“I turned 30 June 29,” she says.

So now she’s opening A Brianna Leigh Salon, a Paul Mitchell salon, in 1,300 square feet at 577 W. Douglas in Delano. That’s where Lotus beauty bar once was.

The salon, which Williams will call ABLS for short, will offer a range of hair and body treatments, including massage, facials and nail care. She’ll sell Paul Mitchell products exclusively.

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You don’t say

“At last. I’ve been coming for four years, and I finally get the podium.”

Newman University president Noreen Carrocci joking as she commandingly gripped the podium at Rotary Monday where she and Friends University president Biff Green gave a presentation on the economic value of independent higher education