Google pin drop attracts attention at Corner 365, but Google has nothing to do with it

This sign in front of the new Corner 365 apartments is attracting attention -- just as Mike Garvey hoped it would.

This sign in front of the new Corner 365 apartments is attracting attention — just as Mike Garvey hoped it would.

WICHITA — The popular Google pin drop, which pinpoints sites on Google maps, has been popping up in a number of strange places worldwide.

For instance, the British tabloid Metro did a story last week about the red Google A, which looks like an upside down teardrop, showing up in a Berkshire roundabout. The paper quoted someone who questioned if it could be linked to a mysterious ghost child who supposedly haunts a nearby bridge.

Artist Aram Bartholl has a project in which he erected a giant red letter A in some cities on the spots that Google says are the centers of the cities.

Now, Wichita’s Builders Inc. has a red A in front of its apartments, Corner 365, under construction at the southeast corner of First and Waco.

No one has questioned if a ghost child is involved, but some have wondered if the A might denote what Google thinks is the center of Wichita. That’s not the case, though.

Builders Inc. president Mike Garvey says he was online one day when he saw a man in Germany standing in front of a building with what looked like the Google pin in front of it.

Garvey says he realized it was an imposter pin, but he says, “I was like, that’s a great idea.”

Hoping to bring attention to the apartments, Garvey had a sign company make him a similar pin.

“Some people have noticed it,” he says. “Maybe people drive by it and think it’s a Google pin.”

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You don’t say

“We’re absolutely stoked about it.”

Flying Stove cofounder Jeff Schauf on the Daily Meal naming the food truck to its list of 101 Best Food Trucks in America 2013

Wichita Brewing Co. & Pizzeria to debut Hopperoni Express food truck

WICHITA — Just as some food trucks in Wichita begin to establish permanent locations, some restaurants are expanding with food truck service.

The latest is the Wichita Brewing Co. & Pizzeria, which will debut the Hopperoni Express in about a month.

“We’ve kind of become good friends with the Flying Stove guys,” co-owner Jeremy Horn says of the popular food truck. “Basically their success has kind of inspired us … to utilize that option as a growth plan.”

Horn says the truck will make lunchtime stops around the city.

“We want to hit basically the whole city.”

Initially, the truck will serve five types of pizzas at a time, rotating among the restaurant’s signature styles. The pizzas will be 10 inches instead of the restaurant’s standard 12-inch pizzas.

“We want to keep it sort of simple,” Horn says.

The truck also will go to events around the city. Horn says he’s still researching options.

“We want the thing running as much as possible.”

Koch Industries remodels its Koch Cafe

WICHITA — One of the biggest food venues in town is getting a makeover, but it’s not a restaurant.

It’s the 30,000-square-foot Koch Cafe, which as the name implies is the cafeteria at Koch Industries near 37th Street North and Oliver.

“It is a busy place,” says spokeswoman Melissa Cohlmia.

The cafeteria serves 2,600 employees including Charles Koch, who is a regular diner there.

Eurest Dining Services runs the cafeteria which has been closed since May 11. It won’t reopen until late September.

“So you can imagine with it being closed, people are trying to figure out how to eat,” says Craig Highfill, Koch’s vice president of facilities solutions.

Koch is trying to help.

“If we had all of our employees going out at one time, it would hit the market pretty hard,” Highfill says.

The Flying Stove food truck is now stationed at Koch on Thursdays.

Eurest also is using a remote kitchen to make some items to sell in a temporary cafe.

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Schauf brothers to open Flying Stove mobile food business this fall

WICHITA — Australia’s loss is Wichita’s gain.

Brothers Jeff and Rob Schauf have recently returned to Wichita from Venice, Calif., to open the Flying Stove mobile restaurant.

It’s an idea they first planned to start in Australia but decided to try in their hometown instead.

They’ve purchased a step van that’s now in Houston to be outfitted with cooking equipment. By late September or early October, they’ll hit the streets.

“We’re going to be on the move quite a bit,” Jeff Schauf says.

Social media will be a big part of how they get the word out about where they’ll be.

“That’s going to be our backbone, I think,” Schauf says.

The brothers hope to park their business at places such as bars that don’t serve food, schools, liquor stores and banks.

“We really want to team up with more like private businesses,” Jeff Schauf says.

He says catering and privates parties are options, too.

“The possibilities are really endless.”

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