Hot Asana Yoga Studio to open on west side in former Firefly Yoga Studio West space

UPDATED — A new yoga studio is opening in the former west-side Firefly Yoga Studio West space at 2313 Zoo Park Blvd.

“There’s just an empty yoga studio sitting there,” says Cristy Anderson, who says it only makes sense to fill it.

She and Gina Cumberland are opening Hot Asana Yoga Studio.

Anderson says “asana” means “posture.”

“Each yoga posture has ‘asana’ at the end,” she says.

Hot Asana will specialize in hot power vinyasa flow, which Anderson says is a type of yoga.

“It’s not a lot of holding of the postures,” she says. “You have a continuous flow of movement.”

Anderson says that “students will move through postures fluidly using their breath to guide them.” Classes are heated, so she says students should expect to sweat while improving their flexibility and strength.

Cumberland is an instructor. She also teaches pottery at East High School.

Anderson, a lawyer, also has a retail background. For years, she worked at her family’s Younger Duds store.

The yoga studio will open on Sept. 1, which is Labor Day, with a one-hour class at 5 p.m. followed by a reception.

Firefly Yoga Studio owner Nickki Head to open west-side studio

WICHITA — A year and a half after opening Firefly Yoga Studio in the Shops at Tallgrass at 21st and Rock Road, Nickki Head is preparing to open a second studio on the west side.

“We just got such an enormous amount of requests for a west-side location,” Head says. “You know Wichita. It’s so east side and west side.”

Firefly Yoga Studio West will be in 1,200 square feet at 2313 Zoo Park Blvd., which is across from the entrance to the Sedgwick County Zoo.

“We’re kind of marketing it as, like, simple space, no distraction,” Head says.

The first class will be Dec. 1.

Head says her initial plan was to start small with one location and see how people liked the yoga she offers.

“It’s blown up. People are loving it and loving the benefits of it.”

So what’s next? Downtown? Delano?

“Stay tuned,” Head says. “That’s every owner’s dream to try to be in each little nugget of the Wichita community.”

She appreciates that there’s interest.

“I’m lucky enough that the Wichita community has supported us this far … that a second studio is even an opportunity,” Head says. “Best-case scenario is what’s happening here. Dreams come true.”