Irvin Jacks Mens Barber Spa to open at the Shops at Tallgrass at 21st and Rock Road

UPDATED — Irvin Jacks Mens Barber Spa is moving from temporary space to the Shops at Tallgrass at the northeast corner of 21st and Rock Road.

Previously, Irvin Jacks was at the Waterfront at 13th and Webb Road in the almost 3,300 square feet where Craig Allen’s Men’s Fine Grooming once was.

“We basically trimmed off the fat,” owner Felicia DeSpain says.

“The space was definitely a very large size, even for a women’s facility,” she says. “We needed to be able to utilize the space.”

The new spa will be in almost 2,000 square feet of part of the former Nelson Designs space. Nelson is now in the former Norwalk Furniture & Design space at Shops. Norwalk is now in a warehouse at 8630 E. 32nd Court North.

Irvin Jacks offers haircuts for men and boys along with other salon services, such as massage, facials and nail care.

“We are still offering the same services,” DeSpain says.

The new space will have a lounge and patio.

“Our clients consider us the premier barber salon and social club for men,” DeSpain says. “It’s a place for guys to relax and take a break from their daily stresses.”

April Reed of Slawson Cos. handled the deal for the new space.

Look for Irvin Jacks to open in August.

Massage Envy Spa to open at the Waterfront in May in space that Irvin Jacks is vacating

WICHITA — East Wichita no longer has a reason to be envious of west Wichita, at least when it comes to Massage Envy Spa.

The first Wichita Massage Envy opened in NewMarket Square at 21st and Maize Road in 2010.

Now, one is moving into the Irvin Jacks space at the Waterfront in early May.

It’s not clear what’s happening with Irvin Jacks, a “barber spa” for men. Owner Felicia DeSpain didn’t return calls for comment.

Massage Envy franchisee Amy Gilliland, who also owns the Lawrence Massage Envy, says she’d actually hoped to open on the east side first.

“There was just no place to go that we wanted to go,” she says of when she looked previously.

She says she’s excited about the 3,290 square feet that’s coming open at the Waterfront.

“I love how upscale it is. I love the aesthetic. I like the tenant mix. I like the landlords a lot. They’re really great.”

Don Piros of Landmark Commercial Real Estate handled the deal.

Gilliland says Massage Envy is an affordable, approachable business that offers therapeutic massage and healthy skin facials.

The chain, which started in 2002, now has 854 stores.

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New CA Men’s Fine Grooming owner Felicia DeSpain prepares to rebrand the Waterfront business

WICHITA — Six tumultuous years after opening CA Men’s Fine Grooming at the Waterfront, Erik Leschuk has sold the business.

New owner Felicia DeSpain was hoping to wait to discuss the purchase until she renames and rebrands the business, but it’s taking longer than she thought it would.

“There’s a lot of initial things that have to be done immediately,” she says of her new business.

DeSpain is a licensed aesthetician who has been in the skin-care business for eight years. She likes the concept of a spa that caters solely to men.

“I kind of look at it as a barber spa,” she says. “It’s the old barber shop coming together with spa services. There’s nothing girly about it at all.”

DeSpain plans several changes, including marketing more to women.

“I can see us being a partner,” she says of helping women help the men in their lives look and feel better.

“As women we want our guys to look great all the time, too,” DeSpain says.

Members and nonmembers can receive services such as hair cuts, massages and pedicures, which DeSpain refers to as detailing.

“They literally are detailing themselves like they would with a car.”

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