You don’t say

“I wish love paid the bills, we’d be open forever.”

Emily Brookover in a press release announcing that she will be closing her 3-year-old Bluebird Arthouse in Delano

Bang Bang T-shirt shop to open within Bluebird Arthouse in Delano

WICHITA — An excess of space is leading to another new venture at Bluebird Arthouse.

Owner Emily Brookover already uses the second story above her Delano shop to have an art market once a month, and she uses a wall downstairs for gallery space.

Now, she’s going to use an area near the front of the store to operate Bang Bang, a T-shirt business featuring original art.

“We’re banging out some T-shirts,” Brookover says.

She says she’ll be doing it more economically than Internet sites that help artists create shirts.

“It’s really cool, so I was thinking I could do something (like) that but on a local level,” she says. “We are hopefully going to do it grassroots style.”

Brookover is partnering with Phil Ross and Adam Phillips of Straight Screenprinting to create T-shirts from art.

“So we’re keeping it all local,” she says.

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Art Market at Bluebird Arthouse to open Oct. 20 in Delano

WICHITA — Since opening her Bluebird Arthouse in Delano a year ago, Emily Brookover hasn’t used the extra 6,000 square feet on the shop’s second floor.

“We just didn’t know what to do with it,” she says.

A visit to the Art and Book Fair at Century II earlier this year gave her an idea, though.

“I was like, I could do this on a miniature scale.”

Starting Oct. 20, Brookover plans to devote the second floor of 924 W. Douglas to the Art Market at Bluebird Arthouse every third Saturday of the month.

Brookover already has about a dozen booths rented to sell art, handbags, pottery and skincare products.

“We have all sorts of people,” she says. “I’m looking to do really a wide variety of artists and artisans.”

If the concept is successful, Brookover says she’ll expand it to other days.

“That’s sort of the idea if it goes well.”

She notes that the upstairs is not handicap accessible.

Interested vendors can contact Brookover at Bluebird Arthouse. Spaces will rent for $30 or $45 for a larger area.

Brookover thinks the idea will work, especially for artists who may not have venues to show their work.

As she says in a press release about it, “It’s like a Farmer’s Market, only better.”