A Little Bit of Everything resale shop to open on west side

WICHITA — LaDonna West wants to make one thing clear about what she and her cousin, Sheri Sharp, will carry when they open their new west-side resale shop next month:

“No clothing.”

West says there are already plenty of shops for that.

A Little Bit of Everything will carry a little bit of everything else, though.

“Everything that you would buy at an estate sale pretty much,” West says.

The shop is opening June 3 at 9428 W. Central, which is between Tyler and Maize Road.

West says Sharp has already been in the business online.

“She’s been buying and selling on eBay for, like, 14 years,” West says. “She’s just accumulated so much stuff.”

The idea, West says, is “to take her hobby and turn it into revenue.”

Sharp has been living in Topeka but is moving to Wichita. In addition to the 1,400-square-foot store, West and Sharp will have an eBay store.

They’ll sell furniture, home decor, art, garden decor, linens, bedding, glass and games.

“Everybody kept asking us, ‘What are you going to sell?’” West says.

“It’s a little bit of everything, so that’s the name of the store.”

Country Pawn & Supply to be Country Sales & Supply and Mark Springs Machines

WICHITA — Country Pawn & Supply owner Mark Springs isn’t quitting the pawn shop business, but after 16 years, he’s shaking things up with two new businesses.

The current business, which is at 3842 S. West St. near I-235, is part pawn shop, part car lot and part gun dealership.

“And I’m also a pastor. I’ve actually performed nine weddings here at the counter,” Springs says.

“We’re kind of a mixture between ‘Pawn Stars,’ ‘American Pickers’ and ‘Sanford and Sons.’ We have a little of everything.”

He buys, sells and loans on most anything, but that’s about to change.

Springs is opening Country Sales & Supply and Mark Springs Machines where Country Pawn is now.

Country Sales will deal mainly with large-ticket items and accept pawns of only a minimum of $1,000.

Springs says most pawn shops do a minimum of $5 loans. He wants to do larger loans but not ones as large as a bank might make.

“We’re that kind of place in the middle.”

Another big change is Springs no longer will deal with guns.

“You have to have super-high security, and you have to deal with the federal government on guns,” he says. “It also gives the government — the ATF — access to your place of business.”

Also, when he sells a gun, Springs says he has to stay and do paperwork on the sale that day.

“I just don’t want to do that anymore,” he says.

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BidKansas.com auction is back in business

Nazir Jesri, left, and his brother Ammar Jesri of Absolute Natural Stones are now running an online auction company at their store on East Kellogg.

UPDATED — Brothers Nazir and Ammar Jesri, who own Absolute Natural Stones, are reviving an online auction company they incorporated in 2009.

“We just brought it back to life,” Nazir Jesri says of Auction House LLC, which does business as BidKansas.com. “We’re starting that with a bang.”

He says “it’s like eBay, but it’s right here.”

Jesri says he used to use Purple Wave for online auctions.

“I was using the auctions to auction stone in the off season,” he says. “We lost money the first two auctions, but I kept at it.”

Eventually, he says, Purple Wave informed him that what he was selling was too small to continue trying to sell through its site.

“By the time they dropped us … we were doing really good.”

After looking for other options and not finding anything he thought would work, Jesri decided to start his own company.

“We did a little research, and we found an auction software company that leases the software,” he says.

Next, he negotiated for warehouse space to start the business. When that didn’t immediately work out, he decided to wait on the idea.

Since then, he’s decided he doesn’t need to take possession of merchandise to be auctioned, so he doesn’t need a warehouse. The business will be based at the stone company, which is at 10909 E. Kellogg.

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Kat Scrap Fever to open in Clifton Square

WICHITA — Kathryn and Jeffrey Welch already have day jobs plus a hair salon in Clifton Square, and now they’re opening a second business.

Kathryn Welch is an avid scrapbooker – she says her husband only likes to look once she’s finished – so she’s now opening Kat Scrap Fever near their Barcelona Hair Lounge in Clifton Square at 3700 E. Douglas.

“I have 400 square feet, and 390 of it is filled with inventory,” Welch says.

She bought a large inventory from someone who planned to open a shop and then didn’t.

“We’re just trying to go through the inventory and get the store set up,” Welch says. “My hope is that we’re up and running … after the first of the year.”

She says the store will have an eBay component in part because her inventory includes a lot of older scrapbooking supplies that she thinks might have more appeal to Internet shoppers.

Welch says the store will start small, but she says she can always expand at another Clifton Square property.

“This is our second investment, so we really just wanted to make sure we weren’t overextending ourselves,” says Welch, who is a physician assistant at Neurology Center of Wichita.

Jeffrey Welch teaches journalism at South High School.

They aren’t looking for any other investments at the moment.

“Oh, god, no,” Kathryn Welch says.

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Wichita businessman Bill Long to start Boosta Bid penny auction later this month

WICHITA — Have you heard of a penny auction?

Wichita businessman Bill Long hadn’t until six months ago, but now he’s starting one called Boosta Bid.

“It’s a new way to shop,” Long says. “I actually stumbled across it on the Internet myself.”

At the time, Long says there were about 25 of the auctions online. He says there are more now.

Long, who has four Motor Mouth Wireless stores and three All Out Detox Shops, was looking for some low-priced iPhones and found some through penny auctions.

“I figured it was too good to be true. There had to be some sort of scam to it.”

He had some computer-savvy friends check into it, and they came across the programming to be able to do one themselves.

“Ultimately, what it is is it’s a great way to get high-priced items at a low price.”

Customers purchase bids ahead of time. For instance, 100 chances to bid might cost $60.

“At that point, you can bid up to 100 times on any items you want,” Long says.

All bids are in one-penny increments.

“That is why it’s called a penny auction.”

There’s also a buy-it-now option.

“If you’ve spent enough on bids that it just makes sense to buy it, then the cost of the bids you’ve used will go toward the purchase price,” Long says.

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John David Burkholder starts Garage Sale Gurus for one-stop garage sale help

WICHITA — Unlike a typical laid-off worker who might hold a garage sale to make extra money, John David Burkholder is creating an entire company built around garage sales.

Burkholder lost his job as manager of content and strategic positioning with Preferred Health Systems in March.

He’s doing a lot of Web consulting, but he wanted to find another part-time job.

His father-in-law, Les Seibert of Bug Stoppers, had an idea he’d kicked around about a company that would provide everything someone needs for a garage sale.

That inspired Burkholder to start Garage Sale Gurus, which is gearing up to serve its first customers.

“The hope is to be able to have kind of a one-stop shop when it comes to garage sale supplies,” Burkholder says.

On the Monday before a garage sale, Burkholder will deliver tables, clothes racks, signs, pricing stickers and anything else someone needs for a sale.

After the sale, he’ll pick up everything, including leftover items people don’t want.

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