Unveiled, a bridal accessory shop, to open in Eaton Place in January

WICHITA — Another new business is coming to Eaton Place at Douglas and St. Francis, and it’s almost as sweet as the bakery that used to be in the building.

Sarah Brooks is opening Unveiled, a bridal accessory shop, in the approximately 800 square feet where the Eaton Steakhouse’s bakery once was.

“The accessories are just a personal love of mine,” Brooks says. “It changes the whole dynamic of the dress.”

She sells dresses, too, at her McPherson bridal shop, Kari Lynn’s, but that won’t be her focus at Unveiled.

“Everything but the dress I guess is a good way to say it,” Brooks says. “That’s where all your bling is. … We felt like it was a niche that we could really provide beyond the dress.”

Brooks says she wants to create a shop where brides can bring in dresses and “then we can just deck them out.”

She’ll sell headpieces, tiaras, jewelry and shoes along with a few other items.

“I haven’t nailed it all down.”

Brooks is keeping her McPherson shop but moving to Wichita, where she has family, to start the new one in January.

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Melad Stephan to open Revolution Rock Bar and move Empire Catering into Eaton Place

WICHITA — Melad Stephan is growing his Old Town empire, literally and figuratively.

Stephan’s Empire Catering is moving into Eaton Place at Douglas and St. Francis where Eaton Steakhouse used to be.

“We’re really going to attack the catering big time,” he says.

Instead of spending money to put in a kitchen there, Stephan is taking over the former Whiskey Creek space, which most recently was the Air Capital Grill, to use that kitchen for all his catering.

In the front of that space, which is at 233 N. Mosley, Stephan is putting in a bar called Revolution Rock Bar.

The building isn’t as visible as some restaurants in Old Town.

“It’s more like a bar-hopping place,” Stephan says of that area. “By putting a bar in there, it fits right in there with the other bars.”

Unlike Stephan’s Oeno Wine Bar in Old Town Square, which caters to an age 30-and-up crowd, Revolution will cater to a younger set.

“We’re going to do some exciting things in the front of the building to attract people in,” Stephan says. “We’re going to play music from the ’80s and things like that.”

He’ll have a DJ and show music videos on the wall.

The bar should open by early October.

Stephan hopes to open at the Eaton by early September.

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Former Eaton Steakhouse owners to open Cinnamon Bakery & Caffe in Augusta

WICHITA — Stephanie and Steve Compton are getting back in the restaurant business.

The two used to have Eaton Steakhouse, which closed amid numerous financial and other problems in 2009.

They made a new start in Augusta by selling baked goods to friends, businesses and at the local farmers market.

Now, they’re preparing to open Cinnamon Bakery & Caffe at 419 State St.

There’s no set opening date yet. It’s likely at least a month away.

“We’re just going to stay with the bakery and the lunches for now,” Steve Compton says of their initial plans.

It doesn’t sound like leaving the restaurant business was an option after the Eaton Steakhouse.

“Well, it’s called making a living,” Steve Compton says. “That’s what we do.”

Why Augusta?

“It seemed like a nice, quiet place to go.”

Eric Christinat, executive director of Downtown Augusta Inc., says he’s aware of the Comptons’ past problems. He says, though, Augusta is happy to have them.

“Everybody absolutely loves their stuff.”

Eaton Place to aggressively seek new commercial tenants

WICHITA — Along with the current effort at downtown revitalization, Eaton Place is looking to revive its commercial occupancy.

Leo Goseland of Plaza Real Estate is heading that effort.

“We’re on a really, really good predevelopment synergy . . . between business, government and national advisors to make this a pretty cool downtown,” he says. “We’d like to be one of the anchors to that.”

He says Eaton Place, which at 517 E. Douglas, has gone through several phases in recent years.

“The first generation was nobody and artists back in 2001.”

Then, he says, “It kind of became offices.”

That was followed by “a restaurant that we were really proud of for a while.”

That was Eaton Steakhouse, which Eaton Place evicted last year for failure to pay rent.

“We’re really still trying to focus on a restaurant,” Goseland says. “One of the things that’s kind of the problem is the size of it.”

The first-floor area is 10,000 square feet.

Goseland says the space can be pared down to 7,000 square feet by closing off the mezzanine area, “which would be really cool office space.”

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Douglas “D.J.” Pitts to return downtown with a new restaurant

WICHITA — Douglas “D.J.” Pitts is returning downtown with a new restaurant concept.

Pitts first opened 626 Douglas in 2004 at 626 E. Douglas.

He’s now opening D&K Kitchen at 217 E. Douglas in the former Stang space next to Athena Jewelry.

So says Athena owner Sophokles “Steve” Anthimides, who says he’s leasing Pitts the space.

Pitts couldn’t be reached for comment.

Anthimides says D&K will serve American and French cuisine.

He says the new restaurant initially will be open only for lunch. Hours eventually will expand.

One restaurant deal that won’t happen for Anthimides is Eaton Steakhouse reopening in the former Lancers space in Century Plaza at Douglas and Main.

“I changed my mind on that,” Anthimides says.

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Eaton Steakhouse contents will be auctioned today, but who will profit?

WICHITA — A Sedgwick County District Court judge on Tuesday lifted a restraining order that was issued Monday to prevent the former owners of Eaton Steakhouse from selling the contents of the restaurant in a planned auction today.

Bud Palmer Auction can now proceed with the 9:30 a.m. sale. But part of the proceeds from the sale won’t necessarily go to former Eaton Steakhouse owners Steve and Stephanie Compton and Thomas Bowles.

“Sale proceeds will be placed with the court,” says Mike Roach, an attorney for MDI Partnership #72, which owns Eaton Place. “There will be a trial at a later date.”

MDI alleges that the Comptons and Bowles, upon their exit from Eaton Place when the restaurant closed in October, caused damage and took items not belonging to them in excess of $50,000.

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Court orders former Eaton Steakhouse owners not to auction contents as planned

WICHITA — A restraining order issued Monday will prevent the former owners of Eaton Steakhouse from selling the contents of the restaurant in a planned Wednesday auction.

Bud Palmer Auction was set to sell the contents for Steve and Stephanie Compton and Thomas Bowles.

But MDI Partnership #72 alleges that the Comptons and Bowles, upon their exit from Eaton Place when the restaurant closed in October, caused damage and took items not belonging to them in excess of $50,000.

The items in question are in a warehouse that Bowles has on East Lincoln.

Sedgwick County District Court Judge Timothy Lahey ordered that the sale not take place and that no property can be sold without a court order.

He also said the property has to remain at the warehouse.

Check back for more information throughout the day.

Steakhouse owners may reopen in new space

WICHITA — Former Eaton Steakhouse owners Steve and Stephanie Compton may reopen their restaurant in a new space.

The Comptons were evicted from Eaton Place for failure to pay rent. They’re now looking down the street at 217 E. Douglas.

Athena Jewelry owner Sophokles Anthimides owns the building and has been talking to the Comptons about leasing the space. He’s meeting with them at 10 a.m. today “to see what they want to do.”

“That’s where they want to be to start,” Anthimides says.

He also owns Century Plaza at Douglas and Main where there’s restaurant space in the basement. The well-known Lancers is one of several restaurants that was once there.

“They’re talking about later on, if they do well here, they can move over there,” Anthimides says of the Comptons.

He says he’ll update us after this morning’s meeting.

There’s no word from the Comptons on their plans because they’ve requested that Have You Heard? not contact them anymore.

No Eaton Steakhouse update yet

WICHITA — It sounds like the owners of Eaton Steakhouse may have reached an agreement with the owners of Eaton Place, which sued for what it said was unpaid rent.

That’s according to someone answering a court line at the Sedgwick County Courthouse.

No lawyers in the case are talking yet, but we’ll let you know as soon as they do.

Eaton Steakhouse trial set

WICHITA — An Oct. 14 trial has been set in MDI Partnership #72′s case against Eaton Steakhouse.

MDI, which owns Eaton Place, has filed lawsuits to reclaim $10,708 from Steakhouse owners Steve and Stephanie Compton and to evict them from the property at Douglas and St. Francis.

After a couple of postponed court dates for a previous eviction notice, the Comptons caught up on more than $50,000 in back rent in August but then fell behind again.