You don’t say

“I sat very still that day.”

Wichita Downtown Development Corp. president Jeff Fluhr on the first time he got a straight-razor shave at DeVille’s Barbershop & Shaving Parlor at Eaton Place

DeVille’s Barbershop & Shaving Parlor to open at Eaton Place

UPDATED — Elvis hasn’t left the building yet, but he’s planning on it.

Shawn ElvisWillson and Doug Brewer are moving their DeVille’s Barbershop to the space at Eaton Place that Visual Fusion is vacating.

“As a barber, it’s a prime location,” Brewer says.

He expects a lot of walk-in traffic and business from nearby tenants, of which he says there are many.

The plan is to slightly change the name of the business and go with a “very old school” style, Brewer says.

The name DeVille’s Barbershop & Shaving Parlor shows “the focus of where we’re going,” he says.

Brewer says he and Willson want to “go back to roughly the ’20s, ’30s, when they did a lot of shaves – straight razor shaves.”

“They’re getting more popular as the days go by,” Brewer says.

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Visual Fusion to expand, move to Delano

Visual Fusion’s Zarah Daniels (from left), Michelle Adams, Naama Marcos and Astyn Jeys, standing in part of the studio’s future Delano home.

WICHITA — A little more than a decade after opening Visual Fusion, owner Naama Marcos is moving the graphic design studio to a building she’s purchased in Delano.

“It made sense,” Marcos says of purchasing the 4,400 square feet at 623 W. Douglas.

She says that’s where Don Cary of All Things Barbecue once planned to move his business.

“He outgrew that place before he was able to move in there.”

Marcos and a partner, who moved out of state last year, opened Visual Fusion 11 years ago in 750 square feet at Eaton Place downtown.

“We really love the location,” she says. “We outgrew the space.”

Around the time the partner left, Marcos says she hired an intern who had been working for her. Since then, she’s added two more designers.

“We’re really growing, and we’re just kind of sitting on top of one another,” she says.

“We needed a bigger facility to not only have enough room for all the designers and the growth, but also we added a photography studio,” Marcos says. “We take a lot of photos, and that’s something we wanted to do in house.”

Visual Fusion’s designers “do print and Web, which is not necessarily always the case,” Marcos says.

They’re all Wichita State University graduates.

“It’s like a proud little thing we like to share,” Marcos says. She says WSU and its educators “really produce quality designers.”

WSU is a client of Visual Fusion as well.

Marcos says her company also has national and international clients, but she says the work Visual Fusion does is done “in a very personal, face-to-face kind of manner.”

“Really, our specialty is good customer service and attention to details.”

At the new space, which Visual Fusion will move into in December, the designers will have a quiet area to work on the second floor, and there will be a separate conference room along with the photo studio.

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Unveiled, a bridal accessory shop, to open in Eaton Place in January

WICHITA — Another new business is coming to Eaton Place at Douglas and St. Francis, and it’s almost as sweet as the bakery that used to be in the building.

Sarah Brooks is opening Unveiled, a bridal accessory shop, in the approximately 800 square feet where the Eaton Steakhouse’s bakery once was.

“The accessories are just a personal love of mine,” Brooks says. “It changes the whole dynamic of the dress.”

She sells dresses, too, at her McPherson bridal shop, Kari Lynn’s, but that won’t be her focus at Unveiled.

“Everything but the dress I guess is a good way to say it,” Brooks says. “That’s where all your bling is. … We felt like it was a niche that we could really provide beyond the dress.”

Brooks says she wants to create a shop where brides can bring in dresses and “then we can just deck them out.”

She’ll sell headpieces, tiaras, jewelry and shoes along with a few other items.

“I haven’t nailed it all down.”

Brooks is keeping her McPherson shop but moving to Wichita, where she has family, to start the new one in January.

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Melad Stephan to debut Schwarma Truck

WICHITA — You knew it was just a matter of time.

The ubiquitous Melad Stephan has done just about everything else related to food – bars, restaurants, catering – so naturally now he’s going to have a food truck, too.

“I’m pretty much about 90 percent done with the deal,” he says.

He hopes to debut his Schwarma Truck in November. Stephan plans to sell dishes popular in his native Lebanon, including chicken and beef schwarma, gyros, falafel, hummus and fattoush, among other things.

Like the other popular food trucks spinning about town, Stephan will rotate his among businesses and events.

“We’ll definitely want to do one day in Old Town and compete with myself, right?” he says, joking about his Old Town businesses – Sabor Latin Bar & Grille, Luca Italian Kitchen, Oeno Wine Bar, Caffe Moderne, the coming Revolution Rock Bar and his Empire Catering at Eaton Place.

“I got too much going on, don’t I?” Stephan says. “Honestly, it’s just one of my kid’s idea.”

His son Jordan, 21, will operate the truck.

“He’s been bugging me about it for a couple of months,” Stephan says. “I’m just going to let him live the American dream.”

The food business is not Stephan’s dream for his children.

“I didn’t think I wanted any of my kids to do what I do,” he says.

It’s happening anyway, at least with one of them.

“I don’t know, must be in the blood or something,” he says.

Melad Stephan to open Revolution Rock Bar and move Empire Catering into Eaton Place

WICHITA — Melad Stephan is growing his Old Town empire, literally and figuratively.

Stephan’s Empire Catering is moving into Eaton Place at Douglas and St. Francis where Eaton Steakhouse used to be.

“We’re really going to attack the catering big time,” he says.

Instead of spending money to put in a kitchen there, Stephan is taking over the former Whiskey Creek space, which most recently was the Air Capital Grill, to use that kitchen for all his catering.

In the front of that space, which is at 233 N. Mosley, Stephan is putting in a bar called Revolution Rock Bar.

The building isn’t as visible as some restaurants in Old Town.

“It’s more like a bar-hopping place,” Stephan says of that area. “By putting a bar in there, it fits right in there with the other bars.”

Unlike Stephan’s Oeno Wine Bar in Old Town Square, which caters to an age 30-and-up crowd, Revolution will cater to a younger set.

“We’re going to do some exciting things in the front of the building to attract people in,” Stephan says. “We’re going to play music from the ’80s and things like that.”

He’ll have a DJ and show music videos on the wall.

The bar should open by early October.

Stephan hopes to open at the Eaton by early September.

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RJ’s House of Fades to move to Eaton Place, but owner Ronnie Robinson Jr. has bigger dreams than doing hair

WICHITA — Ronnie Robinson Jr. is the second person to sign a new lease at Eaton Place in the last week.

He’s moving his RJ’s House of Fades barber shop from its current location near Harry and Edgemoor to the west side of Eaton Place at 106 S. Emporia. That’s two doors north of where the new McCracken Guitars will be opening later this month.

Robinson’s shop is named for a type of haircut that’s popular among black men.

“Of course, we can cut any style of hair,” Robinson says.

In addition to liking how centralized his new location will be — and appreciating downtown in general — Robinson particularly likes the history of Eaton Place.

“I would rather bring back the old feel.”

Leo Goseland of Coldwell Banker Plaza Real Estate handled the deal.

Robinson is so interested in downtown and history, he’s in talks with potential investors about possibly doing something with the former Union Station just down Douglas from where his barber shop will be.

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McCracken Guitars to open at Eaton Place

UPDATED — Former E.M. Shorts Guitars luthier Andrew McCracken is now opening his own store, McCracken Guitars, at Eaton Place.

McCracken’s shop will be on the west side of Eaton Place at 110 S. Emporia.

“We’ll be focusing on vintage instrument repairs and restoration,” McCracken says. “Of course, we’ll take care of people with newer ones as well.”

He’ll mainly work on guitars but also will fix mandolins and do minor repairs on dulcimers.

“We also want to work with effects pedals,” McCracken says.

He’s also going to offer complementary vacuum tube testing so musicians won’t have to guess whether their amplifiers are giving their best sound.

McCracken says a lot of shops in Wichita focus on work with particular manufacturers.

“We kind of wanted to have a stand-alone repair shop,” he says.

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Salon Teased to open at Eaton Place

UPDATED –There are signs in the window at 509 E. Douglas at Eaton Place that tease a new business coming there.

It’s part of a little double entendre for Leslie Way’s new Salon Teased, a salon and spa that’s opening next month.

Way is a Wichita native who now lives in Los Angeles.

Her daughter, stylist Tiffany Tajchman, will manage the business. Her mother, Rachel Klein, is helping open the business as well.

They’re all three members of the Emerald City Chorus.

“I would eventually like to move back here,” Way says.

She and her husband, Van Snow, have a California company that builds electronic test equipment for aerospace satellite communication.

“That allows us to pay . . . to do other stuff,” she says.

Downtown was a natural choice, Way says.

“We like the historical value,” she says. “We wanted to be part of the up-front development of this Wichita (downtown) district that’s happening.”

She stopped in to see the Wichita Downtown Development Corp., her next-door neighbor, and saw the city’s plan for redeveloping downtown.

“I looked at everything, and I’m like, wow, what great growth.”

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Eaton Place to aggressively seek new commercial tenants

WICHITA — Along with the current effort at downtown revitalization, Eaton Place is looking to revive its commercial occupancy.

Leo Goseland of Plaza Real Estate is heading that effort.

“We’re on a really, really good predevelopment synergy . . . between business, government and national advisors to make this a pretty cool downtown,” he says. “We’d like to be one of the anchors to that.”

He says Eaton Place, which at 517 E. Douglas, has gone through several phases in recent years.

“The first generation was nobody and artists back in 2001.”

Then, he says, “It kind of became offices.”

That was followed by “a restaurant that we were really proud of for a while.”

That was Eaton Steakhouse, which Eaton Place evicted last year for failure to pay rent.

“We’re really still trying to focus on a restaurant,” Goseland says. “One of the things that’s kind of the problem is the size of it.”

The first-floor area is 10,000 square feet.

Goseland says the space can be pared down to 7,000 square feet by closing off the mezzanine area, “which would be really cool office space.”

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