Hot Asana Yoga Studio to open on west side in former Firefly Yoga Studio West space

UPDATED — A new yoga studio is opening in the former west-side Firefly Yoga Studio West space at 2313 Zoo Park Blvd.

“There’s just an empty yoga studio sitting there,” says Cristy Anderson, who says it only makes sense to fill it.

She and Gina Cumberland are opening Hot Asana Yoga Studio.

Anderson says “asana” means “posture.”

“Each yoga posture has ‘asana’ at the end,” she says.

Hot Asana will specialize in hot power vinyasa flow, which Anderson says is a type of yoga.

“It’s not a lot of holding of the postures,” she says. “You have a continuous flow of movement.”

Anderson says that “students will move through postures fluidly using their breath to guide them.” Classes are heated, so she says students should expect to sweat while improving their flexibility and strength.

Cumberland is an instructor. She also teaches pottery at East High School.

Anderson, a lawyer, also has a retail background. For years, she worked at her family’s Younger Duds store.

The yoga studio will open on Sept. 1, which is Labor Day, with a one-hour class at 5 p.m. followed by a reception.

Historic Lahn Building to undergo renovations for apartments and retail

lahnUPDATED — The Lahn Building, which is newly on the Register of Historic Kansas Places, is about to undergo a renovation and be home to a retail shop and apartments once again.

“It’s going to be a really cool historic renovation,” says Sean Brennan, who owns the building with his wife, Chantelle.

The building, which is at 2208 E. Douglas just west of Grove and across from East High School, was built in 1922 by Latvian Jewish immigrants Eli Lahn and his son-in-law David Krashim.

It has been home to all kinds of businesses through the years, including restaurants, confectioneries, a women’s clothing store and a barbershop.

“It’s kind of an interesting story,” Brennan says. Lahn’s “family owned the building for decades.”

It was nominated to the historic register for its significance in local commerce.

“That block has been ignored for a long time,” Brennan says.

“The building has six apartments on the second floor that have been abandoned for a long time,” he says. “We are completely redoing those.”

The Brennans also are renovating the first floor, which once was home to three storefronts that eventually combined into two. Now, the Brennans will create a single space for Danielle Davis to move her Flying Pig Gift Boutique.

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Chris Morgan to move his Farmers Insurance office near Douglas and Grove

WICHITA — The Chris Morgan Agency, a Farmers Insurance Group affiliate, is moving near Douglas and Grove.

Chris Morgan is leasing 1,560 square feet at 2320 E. Douglas. That’s up from the 900 square feet he currently has at 5231 E. Central.

“I quickly transferred over here to take over an agency that was already existing,” Morgan says of his current space.

He says in addition to being larger, his new space will save him about $600 a month.

Brent Madison and Patrick Ritchie of J.P. Weigand & Sons handled the deal.

“Eventually, years down the road, I would like to get my own stand-alone office that I have built and own,” Morgan says.

For now, he likes the proximity he’ll have to East High School, where he’s going to sponsor home games for football, basketball and soccer.

“Now we’ll be located right across the street from them.”

Fresh Market CEO has Wichita ties

WICHITA — Fresh Market president and CEO Craig Carlock has been coming to Wichita for years, but not to scout locations for the North Carolina-based grocery store, which opens at Bradley Fair June 20.

He’s been coming for family reunions.

His mother, Myrna, and his late father, Ron, were graduates of East High School.

Carlock’s grandmother, Margaret Iddings, still lives here.

So is Iddings responsible for the chain’s arrival in Wichita? Has she been pestering her grandson about finally bringing one?

“No, no, no, no,” Carlock says. “We’re coming for professional reasons.”

He says, though, “There’s an element of personal excitement here.”

You don’t say

“If you have high aspirations, you work hard, one day you can be a county commissioner.”

— County Commissioner Dave Unruh, joking at the chamber’s Chairman’s Lunch today about advice he gave Defense Secretary Robert Gates when they attended East High School