Phil Ruffin: Presidential friend?

WICHITA — Phil Ruffin’s good buddy Donald Trump is considering a presidential bid. So what does Ruffin think?

“I told him I would advise him not to,” Ruffin says.

“He’s on top of his game right now. He really doesn’t need that.”

For starters, Ruffin says, Trump would have to trade his $50 million TV career for a $400,000 government salary.

“Hell of a drop down, isn’t it?”

Ruffin is clear, though, that he’ll fully support Trump’s bid if he chooses to go that route.

“He’s creating quite a buzz,” Ruffin says. “He’s a very good speaker. He’s very entertaining. Speaks his mind.”

And it just may work, Ruffin says.

“He might have a good chance.”

Gilley’s may or may not happen in Delano

WICHITA — The 15,000-square-foot country-western bar and restaurant Chris Ruffin had hoped to bring to the former Davis Furniture space in Delano may not happen.

Ruffin is director of real estate for his father Phil Ruffin’s Ruffin Properties.

There’s a Gilley’s in Phil Ruffin’s Treasure Island in Las Vegas just like there was in his New Frontier Hotel and Casino. That’s what was in the works here.

“The boys are sold on the idea of the Gilley’s . . . but the old man is not,” Phil Ruffin says of his sons.

“We’re still getting some numbers,” Ruffin says of renovating the space. “The numbers originally came in very high.”

If Gilley’s doesn’t happen, Ruffin says he’ll lease the space to someone else.

“There’s always someone. It’s a really good location.”

It’s where he hoped he and business partner Donald Trump could put a casino.

“That whole area was the location for the Trump Tower,” Ruffin says.

“They talk about downtown revitalization. What that would have done. My god. . . . And, of course, it got shot down.”

We’ll let you know whether or not “the old man” shoots down Gilley’s.

Bill Cosby, Don King just two of Phil Ruffin’s new celebrity pals

WICHITA — Donald Trump is hardly Phil Ruffin’s only celebrity friend.

billcosbyHe’s now struck a deal with Bill Cosby to do shows at his Treasure Island in Las Vegas, and he’s enjoying getting to know the comedian.

“He says, ‘Ruffin, I’m taking over,’ ” Ruffin says of Cosby’s recent visit to his office.

“I brought you lunch,” Cosby said of a chili hamburger he brought.

“While he gave me the unhealthy hamburger, he himself had this asparagus and broccoli salad,” Ruffin says.

And he shared.

“Now, Ruffin,” Cosby said, “you’ve got to have part of this broccoli salad so if your wife asks you what you had for lunch, you can honestly tell her.”

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