You don’t say

“ … at first I thought someone hacked their sign, but then realized it was just the worst case of timing possible – or, best, if you want the publicity.”

– Wichitan Rick Slater’s e-mail after seeing a digital billboard for Doc Howard’s that advertised “Seasons beatings” for Dec. 1 boxing and fights at the Old Town bar, where a man attacked a bouncer over the weekend and was then beaten himself

Shesha hookah lounge to open in Delano

WICHITA — Maher “George” Gerges is making plans to open another hookah bar, this time in Delano.

Maher opened Shesha, a hookah bar at 2628 E. 21st St. near Wichita State University, two years ago.

More recently, he opened a hookah lounge within Doc Howard’s in Old Town and Shesha Tobacco Shop at Towne West Square.

Now, Gerges will open another lounge at 1007 W. Douglas in Delano where ChiArt Studio will leave later this month.

He’s not decided on a final name yet, but Gerges says he’ll incorporate the Shesha name into the new business.

The bar will serve a limited amount of appetizers.

“It’s not going to be (a) big restaurant,” Gerges says.

There will be beer and possibly wine.

“It depends on my crowd,” Gerges says.

Look for the lounge to open by April.

Shapiro brothers to open new restaurant in former Amici space and remodel Liquid

WICHITA — The new year could shape up to be a better one for Bryan Shapiro than the last several years.

“We’ve got all kinds of stuff going on,” he says.

First, he and his brother, Keith, are opening a new bistro in the former Amici space in Siena Plaza at 37th and Rock.

“We haven’t even named it yet,” Shapiro says.

He says they’re planning something along the lines of a neighborhood bar with good food.”

Shapiro wants people to be able to pop in, have a martini, watch a game or relax on the patio.

Look for the restaurant to open in late March.

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