54 Palms Latin dance club to open in Towne West Square June 15

WICHITA — Former Copa Cabana owners Ricardo Moreno and Carlos Ortiz Sr. are opening a new Latin dance club at Towne West Square.

Their 54 Palms, named for Highway 54, will open in almost 10,000 square feet next to Denim & Diamonds on June 15.

Copa Cabana was open briefly in 2003 before trouble with a third partner forced it to close, Moreno says. It was downtown.

“There’s a big building there now called Intrust Bank Arena,” Moreno says, laughing.

He didn’t want to locate in that area again.

“We wanted to stay away from Old Town,” Moreno says. “There’s too much trouble down there. There’s too many problems with police – young crowds getting out of hand.”

He says he and Ortiz want to offer what he calls the security and safety of the mall.

There will be theme nights throughout the week.

Saturday is the premier night with Latin music, salsa and merengue. Friday is “throwback jams” with music from the ’80s. It’s the only night there will be food. Doors will open at 5 p.m. to attract an after-work crowd that might need “alcohol therapy,” Moreno says.

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Towne West Square leases to Fear Fest Haunted House

WICHITA — John Jenkins and some partners in Fear Fest Haunted House began looking for space early this year for a couple of haunted houses they want to open this Halloween.

“Unfortunately, Realtors don’t want to lease to haunted houses,” Jenkins says.

He discovered that Towne West Square, in another move to reinvent itself, does.

“Towne West was willing to lease to us, and that’s why we’re there.”

The company will have two haunted houses, a traditional one called Morbid Manor and a second haunt with 3D clowns.

Also, there will be a coffin simulator ride where people can feel what it’s like to be buried — complete with smells similar to being underground while dirt is being thrown over your grave.

The attractions open Sept. 24 and run through Oct. 31.

Jenkins says he’s leasing 10,000 square feet next to Denim & Diamonds and will have an outside entrance so visitors don’t have to enter the mall itself.

Sailor’s World Famous Tattoos to open in Towne West Square

WICHITA — Towne West Square continues to reinvent itself.

Earlier this year, Douley’s Billiards & Sports Bar and the Denim & Diamonds club opened there.

Now, the mall is getting its first tattoo parlor.

“Tattoo has kind of evolved to being in the mall now,” says Raul Tanguma, who next month is opening Sailor’s World Famous Tattoos with Justin Haas.

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