New Wimpys Burgers won’t accept your payment Tuesday for a hamburger today

WICHITA — A childhood cartoon is the creative idea behind a new restaurant opening in Delano.

“I used to watch ‘Popeye’ when I was a kid,” says Bridgette Carr.

She was a particular fan of Popeye’s straight man, J. Wellington Wimpy, who was known for his love of hamburgers – and his inability to immediately pay for them.

Wimpys Burgers will have a soft opening at 1713 W. Douglas on Saturday and have a grand opening after Thanksgiving. There will be seating for about 15 inside and more outside in warmer weather.

“All the hamburgers are going to be like the small White Castle-style hamburgers,” Carr says.

She’ll sell them individually, in meal deals and in sacks of 10 or 20 mini burgers.

But will she allow customers to gladly pay her Tuesday for a hamburger today as Wimpy usually tried to do?

“Yeah,” Carr says, laughing.



Visual Fusion to expand, move to Delano

Visual Fusion’s Zarah Daniels (from left), Michelle Adams, Naama Marcos and Astyn Jeys, standing in part of the studio’s future Delano home.

WICHITA — A little more than a decade after opening Visual Fusion, owner Naama Marcos is moving the graphic design studio to a building she’s purchased in Delano.

“It made sense,” Marcos says of purchasing the 4,400 square feet at 623 W. Douglas.

She says that’s where Don Cary of All Things Barbecue once planned to move his business.

“He outgrew that place before he was able to move in there.”

Marcos and a partner, who moved out of state last year, opened Visual Fusion 11 years ago in 750 square feet at Eaton Place downtown.

“We really love the location,” she says. “We outgrew the space.”

Around the time the partner left, Marcos says she hired an intern who had been working for her. Since then, she’s added two more designers.

“We’re really growing, and we’re just kind of sitting on top of one another,” she says.

“We needed a bigger facility to not only have enough room for all the designers and the growth, but also we added a photography studio,” Marcos says. “We take a lot of photos, and that’s something we wanted to do in house.”

Visual Fusion’s designers “do print and Web, which is not necessarily always the case,” Marcos says.

They’re all Wichita State University graduates.

“It’s like a proud little thing we like to share,” Marcos says. She says WSU and its educators “really produce quality designers.”

WSU is a client of Visual Fusion as well.

Marcos says her company also has national and international clients, but she says the work Visual Fusion does is done “in a very personal, face-to-face kind of manner.”

“Really, our specialty is good customer service and attention to details.”

At the new space, which Visual Fusion will move into in December, the designers will have a quiet area to work on the second floor, and there will be a separate conference room along with the photo studio.

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Welldone Skate Supply to open in Delano

WICHITA — It’s not widely known in the business community, but attorney Steve Joseph is into skateboarding.

No, the 67-year-old doesn’t skate himself – “I’d fall down and break a hip, and they’d have to bury me” – but he is investing in a skate shop for the second time.

Joseph previously invested in the Street behind Riverside Cafe at 13th and Bitting.

“It just didn’t work out at that location,” Joseph says.

Now, former Street owner Nathan Beste and Wichita Skateboarding Society founders Jake Williams and Cory Whitlock are opening Welldone Skate Supply in Delano.

“We’re trying to revamp and redo,” Beste says.

Joseph met Williams and Whitlock when they came to him to invest $100 in their Bangers Under the Bridge skateboarding event.

“Within five minutes of talking with them, I was so impressed, I decided I wanted to do business with these guys,” Joseph says. “This is really going to be a great thing.”

The 1,700-square-foot store will be at 617 W. Douglas in part of the space where All Things Barbecue was before moving across the street.

There will be a retail area in the front that will have skateboards, clothing and art supplies along with a Welldone line of socks, shirts, hats and boards. There also will be a skateboarding ramp in the back.

“This is the one thing that’s going to set us apart,” Joseph says.

“In the wintertime, kids will love it,” Williams says. “There’s nowhere to skate indoor around here.”

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Big B’s Beef to move, double its size with new Delano space

WICHITA — Less than a year after opening, Liz and Brian Bathgate are moving and doubling the size of their Big B’s Beef restaurant.

“We wanted a more convenient, centralized location,” Liz Bathgate says.

The restaurant had been at 4628 S. Seneca.

“We were pretty far south,” Bathgate says.

The new restaurant will be at 605 W. Douglas next to Hatman Jack’s Wichita Hat Works in Delano.

“We’ve always loved the Delano area,” Bathgate says. “It’s such a pretty area. It reminds us a lot of growing up in the Chicago suburbs.”

The Bathgates move to Wichita from Chicago about five years ago.

Big B’s sells Chicago-style hot dogs, Italian beef and gyros. Those items will remain on the menu at the new place and be accompanied by more soups and salads.

The new restaurant will be 1,600 square feet, which will double the space the Bathgates have now.

Big B’s is closed until the new space is ready in mid November.

When it reopens, Bathgate says the restaurant will offer free delivery downtown, which is something it was too far away to do previously.

Still, she says business was great where it was.

“We’re still surprised at how busy it’s been,” Bathgate says. “We didn’t expect to be so busy.”

Skeletons Out of the Closet to open in Delano this week

WICHITA — Skeletons Out of the Closet is opening in time for Halloween, but the new Delano shop is not going to be one of those temporary holiday stores.

Instead, it’s an endeavor that combines Jessica Dunne-Olson’s eclectic background in social work, forensic and cultural anthropology and osteology, or the study of bones.

“It’s unique home decor and furniture,” Dunne-Olson says of what she’ll sell.

The shop, including a workroom, will be in 1,800 square feet at 615 W. Douglas.

“We use a lot of discarded trash in our pieces,” Dunne-Olson says. “It’s upcycled.”

The items aren’t merely repainted, she says.

“Some of it’s redesigned.”

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Beards Floral Design to move to more visible space near Central and Edgemoor

WICHITA — Four-year-old Beards Floral Design is moving to a new, higher-profile location.

The shop currently is in almost 3,000 square feet near Seneca and Second Street in Delano.

The new space has about 1,000 square feet, plus another 500 square feet for storage, just west of Central and Edgemoor.

“We’ll have so much better visibility out there,” owner Matthew Dover says.

He says his real estate agent, Duane Wehling with J.P. Weigand & Sons, told him 30,000 cars a day pass his new address.

Though his new store will be half the size of his existing one, Dover says he found he didn’t use all of his space in Delano.

“I feel like I operate in less than 1,000,” he says. “It was a lot of space for a good rate. It’s been awesome.”

At the new store, Dover is going to do a few new things.

“We’re going to be offering classes,” he says. They’ll teach how customers can do their own arrangements.

There also will be more flowers by the stem and bunch at wholesale prices and assistance with do-it-yourself weddings.

Dover says he’ll be open by Nov. 1 at the new space and most likely operating there by the end of October.

Picasso’s Pizzeria to open in Derby

WICHITA — Picasso’s Pizzeria owner Kurt Schmidt is going to open a second restaurant, but it’s not where he initially thought it would be.

“I’m still waiting on my favorite space on the east side to become available,” Schmidt says of Central and Vassar in College Hill.

While he’s waiting, Schmidt is going to open a Picasso’s in Bristol Square at Madison and Rock Road in Derby.

“Derby is just crazy right now with all the restaurants on Rock Road,” he says.

Bristol Square is where the state this fall is opening a new driver’s license bureau, which will be a couple of doors down from where Picasso’s will open in February.

The restaurant will be similar to Schmidt’s first Picasso’s, which opened in Delano last year.

The new Picasso’s will be in 2,000 square feet, which compares to 1,800 square feet in Delano. Schmidt hopes to have a few tables outdoors in front of the restaurant along with an indoor-outdoor patio in another area.

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You don’t say

“I just want to know if you can get a zebra-striped hairdo there.”

– A tweet from Delano resident Karen Cravens (@KarenInDelano) about the salon coming to Palim’s, an animal print furniture and accessory shop in Delano

JoAn McGregor finds new Delano home for her Blue Swallowtail Studio

WICHITA — What JoAn McGregor thought would be impossible has turned out to be not only possible, but an actuality.

The owner of Blue Swallowtail Studio in Delano is losing her lease at 1712 W. Douglas and feared she wouldn’t be able to immediately find new, affordable space.

“I’m really in a pickle,” she told Have You Heard? last month.

McGregor, a fused glass artist, a potter and a minister, has found new space, though, at 1526 and 1528 W. Douglas.

“It was just two blocks from me,” she says.

The 2,500 square feet at the two addresses is comparable to what McGregor has now. There’s also a kitchen.

“I do parties, so that works perfect.”

There’s a moving sale Tuesday through Saturday with 25 percent off of gallery items.

McGregor says she expects to open in the new space on Sept. 2.

In addition to moving everything in the studio, she’s also transplanting her landscaping to the new studio to “pretty it up.”

You don’t say

“If the farmers market demand was any indication, the City of Wichita could make more money licensing ‘Don’t Frack With Wichita’ gear than it ever would from oil under the river, even if it exists.”

– A Facebook post from Delano activist Karen Cravens on T-shirts she created to protest potential oil drilling in her area