Al’s Old & New Book Store looking for new home after almost six decades in Delano

WICHITA — Al’s Old & New Book Store owner Anita Siemer says she’s “reeling.”

That’s because in about three months she’ll be forced to move her store from its home at 1710 W. Douglas between Seneca and Meridian.

Siemer has owned the store for nine years, but it’s been in that location for four decades and in Delano for almost 60 years.

“I’m trying to stay in Delano,” she says.

Her landlord is selling the building, and Siemer says she’s not sure where she’ll find such accommodating rent again.

“My rent here has been really friendly over the years.”

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WICHITA — When Chris Ridder quit his job at a Wichita sign company a week ago, he told his employer – a friend – he was looking for a new opportunity.

Now Ridder is opening his own sign shop.

“This is the new opportunity,” he says.

“After you’re together so long, you either get married or you get divorced, so I guess we’re getting divorced.”

The shop, which opens today, is

“That just gives everybody instant access to where my website is,” Ridder says.

He has a storefront, too, in 2,500 square feet at 1712 W. Douglas in Delano. will sell banners, posters, aluminum signs, vehicle displays and real estate signs, among others.

“The list is pretty long,” Ridder says.

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Central Plains Novelty in Delano to close

WICHITA — More than five decades after opening, Central Plains Novelty in Delano is closing.

The business opened in 1961 as R.E.’s Novelties.

“It was quite the place … back in the day,” co-owner Nancy Lawrence says of the business’ popularity.

Her mother, Louella Stewart, worked there from 1962 until she died a decade ago.

Lawrence began working for the business four years before buying it. When the owners were going to retire in 1986, she and her sister, Zandra Troeger, decided to buy it.

“We always laughed, ‘We’ll just keep mom off the streets,’” Lawrence says.

They decided to change the store’s name since it had been named after the previous owner.

The store, which is at 905 W. Douglas, sells novelties and gag gifts and does costume rentals. Now, those costumes and everything else are on sale for 50 percent off.

“After 27 years … we’re both at an age that we want to do something else while we can,” Lawrence says.

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Urban Oasis Yoga Studio to move to Minisa Corner in Riverside

WICHITA — Urban Oasis Yoga Studio is moving to a new urban setting.

Jennie Cooper, who bought the Delano business in June, is moving it from 535 W. Douglas to Minisa Corner at 13th and Bitting where Riverside Cafe is.

“I love that I’ll be in more of the community with the schools and everything around,” Cooper says.

Her current Delano space, where she’ll be through the end of the month, is 3,000 square feet.

“It’s insane,” Cooper says of how large it is.

The new space, which opens Feb. 1, is about 1,000 square feet.

With the move, there will be additional classes and new schedules. Cooper says she offers classes “from the womb to the tomb,” including prenatal, beginning and more advanced classes.

Class sizes are small, but Cooper says, “We have a very full schedule.”

Lotus Leaf Cafe to move to Old Town

UPDATED — Three years after opening in Delano, the Lotus Leaf Cafe & Creperie is moving to Old Town.

The newly named Lotus Leaf Cafe will open at the southwest corner of Second and Washington next to the new Taste & See. Both restaurants are in part of the former Doc Howard’s Lounge space.

“There’s so many more things I want to do,” owner Jacquelyn Keefer says of needing more space.

Her restaurant at 613 W. Douglas is 1,153 square feet with about 30 seats.

“It’s sad to say, but you have to be fairly thin to work there,” Keefer says of negotiating among the tables.

The kitchen is tiny, too, which she says means that what executive chef Rebecca Gold has been able to do is “miraculous.”

The new space, which will be ready in early April, is almost 2,000 square feet.

“The thought of what she can do with a real kitchen will be pretty amazing,” Keefer says of Gold.

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Delano Dermagraphics opens in Delano

WICHITA — Wichita native Arlene Gilbert and her husband were wanting to return from Oklahoma, but it’s still scary to move here and open a new business, she says.

“We took a huge gamble to move back,” Gilbert says.

She’s opened Delano Dermagraphics in about 1,300 square feet where Lucky Devil Tattoo used to be at 551 W. Douglas.

“It seems like such a sharp place to be,” Gilbert says of Delano.

“Everybody’s so friendly and so welcoming,” she says. Delano “just seems like a community within itself.”

Leon Moeder of Moeder & Associates handled the lease for building owners Raleigh and Rhandalee Hinman.

Gilbert offers a range of services in addition to traditional tattoos.

That includes permanent makeup, such as eyeliner, lip color and eyebrow color.

Also, Gilbert says she has an anti-aging machine from Denmark that can digitally help improve the look of someone’s skin.

“It responds to the skin,” she says. “It’s really pretty cool.”

Gilbert says some of her services outside of tattoos are important “because gravity just hates us.”

She says the Delano Dermagraphics name seems to encapsulate everything she offers.

“I really love the name,” Gilbert says. “It’s hard to say. Hard to spell, but I love it.”

Eye Kandy Pin-up Photography to move to Newton

eyekandyUPDATED — Newton is about to get a little Eye Kandy.

Aleycia Crawford is moving Eye Kandy Pin-up Photography to the city.

Crawford’s 7-year-old business had been in Delano for a couple of years, but she says that site had been small and unnoticeable.

“Nobody even knew I was there or open or anything.”

More recently, she’s been working out of a home studio in Goddard.

Crawford says the Newton address will be a major change.

“I have a really good spot,” she says of 2,000 square feet at Fifth and Poplar.

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You don’t say

“That’s a strange way that they put it. … We will never sell alcohol.”

Don Cary of All Things Barbecue on how he needs a nightclub license to have live music at his Delano store

DeVille’s Barbershop & Shaving Parlor to open at Eaton Place

UPDATED — Elvis hasn’t left the building yet, but he’s planning on it.

Shawn ElvisWillson and Doug Brewer are moving their DeVille’s Barbershop to the space at Eaton Place that Visual Fusion is vacating.

“As a barber, it’s a prime location,” Brewer says.

He expects a lot of walk-in traffic and business from nearby tenants, of which he says there are many.

The plan is to slightly change the name of the business and go with a “very old school” style, Brewer says.

The name DeVille’s Barbershop & Shaving Parlor shows “the focus of where we’re going,” he says.

Brewer says he and Willson want to “go back to roughly the ’20s, ’30s, when they did a lot of shaves – straight razor shaves.”

“They’re getting more popular as the days go by,” Brewer says.

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Scattered Lodges Trading Co. to open in Delano area

WICHITA – Scott Keller says he and his wife, RaShell, have been running a day care business from their home “until we can decide what it is we want to do when we grow up.”

They’ve decided now, and it’s Scattered Lodges Trading Co., a resale shop and eventual auction house that’s going to open in the former Beards Floral Design space in Delano.

“I have done pretty eclectic things,” Keller says.

He has worked in the sound and lighting business, earned a master’s degree and still has the day care business, which his wife will continue to run.

Scouting for items to resell is something Keller says he and his wife “just decided we were really good at.”

“I’ve always been able to find really excellent deals, whether it’s purchasing homes, cars, refrigerators (or) lawnmowers,” he says. “And my wife is kind of a Magnum P.I. on doing research on things.”

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