Kansas Sports Hall of Fame Museum reorganizes, becomes its own nonprofit

WICHITA — The Kansas Sports Hall of Fame Museum has made some changes that its board hopes will enhance it over time.

The museum, which is at Chisholm Trail Center-Outlet & Retail Shops in Newton, is now its own nonprofit and has separated its governance and operations from the Kansas Sports Hall of Fame.

The two have been at separate sites since the Hall of Fame moved from Old Town to the Wichita Boathouse in 2010.

“It’s natural for us to take this step and just keep the two separate,” says board member Debra Mitchell, who also handles public relations for her family’s Chisholm Trail.

Mitchell says local operations mean a more local board.

“We’ll have a lot more input by local people and just a lot more interaction with the community.”

Although the Hall of Fame and the museum are separate now, an overall board of trustees still governs them both.

The museum has been closed most of the summer to reorganize and select its board.

It’s now reopen in 14,100 square feet, which compares to 18,000 square feet that it previously had.

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Chisholm Trail Shopping Center and Outlet Mall 100 percent leased with Goody’s addition

WICHITA — Chisholm Trail Shopping Center and Outlet Mall in Newton has another new tenant, and this is a significant one for a couple of reasons.

“This one’s an exciting one for us,” says marketing director Debra Mitchell. “This makes us 100 percent full.”

Goody’s family apparel store is opening in 9,000 square feet on the north end of the center where Ultimate Martial Arts has been.

The studio was one of the first tenants Mitchell’s husband, Brent, and brother-in-law Brian signed when they bought the center in 2006.

The occupancy rate was 35 percent then.

“We gave them a space that was a little bit bigger than they probably needed,” Debra Mitchell says of Ultimate Martial Arts, which is moving to another space at the center.

Goody’s is one of 787 stores that Houston-based Stage Stores Inc. owns in 39 states.

It operates under five names: Goody’s, Bealls, Stage, Peebles and Palais Royal.

Stage Stores marketing manager Kim Bell says the company looks at demographics and growth potential of an area before deciding on opening a store.

“We also look at the growth potential for the company as well as the community.”

This Goody’s, which will sells shoes and accessories in addition to men’s, women’s and children’s apparel, will be one of the company’s smaller stores. Bell can’t say if it will expand in the future.

“As far as growth is concerned, it’s not something you can absolutely predict,” she says.

Look for the store to open next spring.

LeJs Bar-B-Q to move to Chisholm Trail Center

WICHITA — The growing number of businesses at Chisholm Trail Center-Outlet & Retail Shops in Newton is attracting one more.

Jeffery Love is moving his LeJs Bar-B-Q from 1607 W. First Street in Newton to Chisholm Trail.

“The west side of Newton’s been really good to me, but I just think Chisholm is a better location,” he says.

Part of the reason is his lunch crowd dropped off when nearby Norcraft had layoffs.

Mostly, though, Love likes the number of businesses moving to Chisholm Trail.

For instance, Baker Furniture recently opened, and the Kansas Sports Hall of Fame annex will open by Christmas.

“I just think the timing’s right, basically,” Love says.

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Baker Furniture to leave Peabody and Park City for Chisholm Trail in Newton

WICHITA – After doing business in Peabody since 1897, Baker Furniture and Carpet is moving.

“Mr. Baker’s been here since he was a little kid,” sales clerk Becky Kyle says of Brock Baker, who owns the store with his wife, Sheryl. “It’s been one of the hardest decisions he’s ever had to make.”

Baker Furniture in Park City also is closing, and a new Baker Furniture is opening in 28,000 square feet at Chisholm Trail Center-Outlet & Retail Shops in Newton.

“The main reason for closing both locations is so that we can be at a centrally located location,” Kyle says.

“It’s just gotten harder and harder to get people to drive out here,” says sales clerk Tammy Pickens. “People just don’t have time like they used to.”

Also, she says, gas prices and the often-perilous Highway 50 have an impact, too.

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