Case, Moses & Zimmerman partners go separate ways; Moses & Pate LLC forms

WICHITA — Last month, Medical Development Management announced it will be moving into the 6,500-square-foot space that Case, Moses & Zimmerman occupies at the Garvey Center, and the law firm’s partners said they were exploring alternatives.

“Sometimes firms split up because there’s animosity,” Moses says. “That’s not the case here.”

Here’s what they’ve decided: Attorneys David Moses and Chris Pate are forming Moses & Pate LLC. Attorney Linda Priest, who is currently with Case, Moses & Zimmerman, is joining them in the approximately 2,300 square feet MDM currently occupies next door.

Bankruptcy attorney Bill Zimmerman is moving to Eron Law, a firm that has an emphasis in bankruptcy.

“It’s a perfect fit for Bill,” Moses says. “He’ll be continuing to provide his bankruptcy specialty.”

Attorney Mike Case, who has had the firm’s Kansas City office, will be of counsel with Moses & Pate as he transitions to retirement.

“He’ll be working towards retirement,” Moses says.

Attorney Susan Saidian is retiring as of April 11.

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Medical Development Management to expand at the Garvey Center

UPDATED — For the second time in less than a year, Medical Development Management is moving. It’ll be a much shorter trip this time around, though.

In July, the company moved from Kellogg and Rock Road to about 2,500 square feet at the O.W. Garvey Building at 200 W. Douglas.

MDM had an option to take some extra space for a total of 4,500 square feet. Instead, though, it’s now going to move next door into the 6,500 square feet that Case, Moses & Zimmerman currently occupies.

“It made more sense to do that,” says MDM president Joe Hlavacek.

“We were willing to work with them in allowing them to continue to grow,” says attorney David Moses. “It also affords us an opportunity to look at all of our alternatives.”

Hlavacek says there are several ways the company is growing.

“Right now … the project that’s causing us to need more space is we … are in the process of developing a general acute care hospital in Kearney, Nebraska,” he says.

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Robert Eyster buys Stewart’s Jewelry building at 415 E. Douglas

WICHITA — Developer Robert Eyster has purchased another downtown property, but he and business partner Michael Ramsey don’t have big redevelopment plans for this one.

Eyster purchased the Stewart’s Jewelry building at 415 E. Douglas.

“We bought that building because it was the … remaining property that was in the Esther Moses portfolio,” Ramsey says.

Eyster already purchased the late Esther and Herbert Moses‘ former Zelman’s clothing store space at Douglas and St. Francis, which he and Ramsey redeveloped for residential and commercial use.

David Stewart’s jewelry store will remain where it is.

“I’ve been here 31 years,” Stewart says.

At one time, he’d hoped to buy the building.

“In their family, pretty much once you buy property, it stays in the family,” he says of how the Moses family operated.

The couple had planned for their son, David Moses, to use the 415 E. Douglas property for his law practice when he got out of school.

Instead, Moses, now with Case, Moses, Zimmerman & Martin, went to work for Vern Miller in the district attorney’s office.

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Linkhaus developers to transform Zelman building into apartments, restaurant and office space

WICHITA — Linkhaus developers Robert Eyster and Michael Ramsey were looking for a second site to put their hot dog restaurant last year when they toured the Zelman building downtown.

They immediately realized two things: A Linkhaus isn’t quite right for that spot, but they wanted the 15,000-square-foot building anyway.

“It was a hidden gem,” says Ramsey, who is managing partner for the restaurant and Zelman project.

“Everybody knows about the Zelman building,” he says. “It’s certainly a hometown type of story that we thought was cool.”

Last month, Have You Heard? reported that lawyer David Moses had a contract to sell the building at Douglas and St. Francis where his grandfather Sam Zelman’s namesake men’s clothing store was from the 1920s to 2006.

Eyster and Ramsey didn’t want to say much about their plans for a restaurant, apartments and office space at the property until the deal closed, which it now has.

Eyster, an orthopedic surgeon, is interested in the project for several reasons.

“It’s an opportunity,” Ramsey says. “The city and the people of Wichita have been very good to him, and he feels like it’s his responsibility to try to give back.”

Eyster likes the timing with the city’s plan for redeveloping downtown.

“It’s a great idea. I’m all for it,” he says. “If I can be part of that development, I think it will be good for me, and I think it will be hopefully good for Wichita.”

Eyster says he started Linkhaus in part to give the people who work for him something else to do, and that’s part of his thinking behind the Zelman building, too.

Also, Eyster has investments here and outside of Wichita, but he says, “I’m really interested in getting more of my investment portfolio here. I’m able to keep a close eye and be more involved.”

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Former Zelman’s building to be turned into mixed-use development, including retail, lofts and a restaurant

WICHITA — It turns out that, as predicted, the former Zelman’s building is soon going to be seeing a lot more activity than just an estate sale.

Earlier this month, Have You Heard? reported that there’s going to be an estate sale at the 15,000-square-foot building on the northeast corner of Douglas and St. Francis on Dec. 30, 31 and Jan. 1.

Now, lawyer David Moses has a contract to sell the building where his grandfather Sam Zelman’s namesake men’s clothing store was from the 1920s to 2006.

Two Wichita developers, who prefer to remain anonymous until the deal closes next month, plan a mixed-use development at the property.

That will include a couple of retail areas and a combination restaurant and bar on the ground floor and residential lofts on the top floor.

“It’s especially exciting because it’s local developers who share the vision that our family has had for years about downtown,” Moses says.

“The fact that the development will affect a lot of people, that’s exciting. It’s something we would have loved to have done ourselves.”

Moses says the timing wasn’t right for his family.

“Now is the time to develop the corner,” he says.

The city’s new master plan for downtown influenced the developers.

“What brought us to downtown was actually the changes the downtown project had initiated,” one of the developers says.

“It just looked like this was going to be a hotbed of activity. . . . We just want to be part of that.”

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Estate sale to be held in Zelman’s building

David Moses stands in front of his family's former downtown shop.

David Moses stands in front of his family's former downtown shop.

WICHITA — Almost a year after David Moses announced that he was preparing his family’s Zelman’s building for development, the downtown space is ready to see some activity.

First, there’s going to be an estate sale there Dec. 30, 31 and Jan. 1.

“It’ll be a very, very interesting sale because there’s a lot of history,” says Becky Leason of Becky’s Estate Sales.

Moses’ grandfather, Sam Zelman, immigrated here from Czechoslovakia in 1920 and started his Zelman’s clothing store in the ’20s.

There will be all kinds of store fixtures for sale, including glass counters, shelves, hangers, advertising displays, signs, a hall tree and a hat rack that Bonnie Bing apparently has already claimed.

“I looked at it in the window for years,” Bing says.

There also is some jewelry for sale and some things from the former hotel upstairs, such as a few pieces of furniture.

“And we’ve got a wonderful antique cash register,” Leason says. “Just absolutely beautiful.”

She says she’s still researching it to determine how old it is. She estimates it’s not newer than 1920.

“It could easily be earlier.”

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Zelman’s downtown building ready to lease

WICHITA — After not being home to much activity for the last several years, the Zelman’s building at the northeast corner of St. Francis and Douglas is ready for new tenants.

“If you take a look at the studies and downtown revitalizing, this is the prime location, and I think we owe it to the city and to the community to do something with the corner,” says David Moses, whose family has occupied the building since the 1920s and has owned it for decades.

Moses is a lawyer at Case Moses Zimmerman & Martin, but he says, “If I didn’t have my own professional career right now, it would be kind of neat to try and continue what my grandfather started back in the ’20s.

“It’d be neat to try to do a men’s clothing store down there again.”

Moses’ grandfather, Sam Zelman, immigrated here from Czechoslovakia in 1920 and started his Zelman’s clothing store in the ’20s with the intention of bringing his family here once he got established.

“By the time he was able to do that, Hitler was taking power,” Moses says.

“By the time my grandfather was able to make all the arrangements, it was too late.”

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