Twin Peaks has west-side space, and it isn’t where anyone suspected

The west-side Twin Peaks will be on the north end of this building across Ridge Road from Carlos O'Kelly's and Panera Bread.

The west-side Twin Peaks will be on the north end of this building across Ridge Road from Carlos O’Kelly’s and Panera Bread.

WICHITA — There’s been a popular guessing game of where the west-side Twin Peaks might go. As it turns out, it’s not opening at any of the spots most people thought it might.

Franchisee Rusty Rathbun considered most of those sites, but he’s settled on 7325 W. Taft instead.

“It’s been overlooked from a retail perspective,” says Dan Unruh of InSite Real Estate Group.

The building, which is across Ridge Road from Carlos O’Kelly’s and Panera Bread, was built as office space that most recently was home to American Family Insurance.

Gallery Expressions will be Twin Peaks’ neighbor to the northwest across a parking lot, and the Lowe’s at Maple and Ridge Road is just north of that.

“This one kept coming up as a great site if we could just make the building work,” Unruh says.

InSite is part of South Ridge LLC, a group that purchased the 16,800-square-foot center where Twin Peaks is going.

Rathbun says he seriously considered about 15 properties before deciding on the Taft site.

“It works because of the traffic count and all the number one restaurants in the area,” he says.

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Pure Fitness Rx opens in west Wichita

WICHITA — Pete Rohleder has been working out at Fit Physique Fitness Center since he was 12 and working there since he was 16. After spending half his life there, he says he was ready to have his own place.

This week, he’s having a soft opening for his Pure Fitness Rx at 3460 N. Ridge Road.

“Fit Physique is a wonderful place … but I needed to grow professionally,” Rohleder says.

He got his master’s degree in exercise science last year and says, “I wanted to be able to offer more services.”

Rohleder calls himself an exercise physiologist.

“It allows me to be a little bit more in-depth and a little more comprehensive with my approach to health and fitness.”

He says he can incorporate more physiological tools for better results.

“I can help develop programs that are much more efficient.”

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Healthy Eyes for Life to move on west side

WICHITA — Optometrist Ronald Fiegel is moving his Healthy Eyes For Life, but not far.

Currently, he’s near the northeast corner of 21st and Ridge behind Emprise Bank.

“I’m going to a little better visibility,” Fiegel says of his new space.

He’s moving to 3460 N. Ridge, which used to informally be known as the Hearth and Home Center when the Hearth and Home store was there.

“The space is completely empty, which will make the construction go a little faster,” Fiegel says.

Depending on city approval, he expects the new space to be ready in early August.

Tony Utter of Utter Commercial Real Estate and Dan Unruh of InSite Real Estate Group handled the deal.

Fiegel, who opened his business in 1980, expects this to be his last move.

“Oh, yeah,” he says.

Then he rethinks it and laughs.

“Where I’m at was going to be the last move.”

Fox Fitness to open on the west side

UPDATED — Jake Fox has been a personal trainer and Brazilian jujitsu instructor for a long time, and now he’s ready to open his own place.

Fox and his wife, Kimberly, are opening Fox Fitness next month at 7330 W. 33rd St. North in the Ridgeport Business Center.

The business isn’t a gym. It will be strictly for personal and small-group training.

“The personal training has taken off really over the last two years,” Fox says.

He describes Brazilian jujitsu as a system of grappling to overpower a stronger opponent. Fox says a person might learn it as a sport or for self-defense.

“It can be really … what the person wants,” he says. “That’s what’s awesome about it.”

Brent Stewart of KW Commercial and Dan Unruh of InSite Real Estate Group handled the deal.

Look for Fox Fitness to open in early June.

Supplement Giant and Home Fitness Exercise Equipment Co. to move to Rock Road frontage

WICHITA — Supplement Giant and Home Fitness Exercise Equipment Co. are taking a short jaunt across the parking lot at Tallgrass Plaza at 21st and Rock Road to larger space in the former Blockbuster store there.

“Front-row visibility” was the draw says Wayne Ragsdale, who owns the business with his wife, Lisa.

The Ragsdales opened their first Supplement Giant at the intersection 21 years ago. They also have one on the west side at 2556 N. Maize Road and one in the Denver area.

The 5,200-square-foot former Blockbuster space is 1,000 square feet more than the Ragsdales currently have.

Wayne Ragsdale says this will allow them to have better displays and expanded product lines.

That wasn’t their main reason to move, though.

Vitamin Shoppe is opening in a new retail center under construction on the northeast corner of 21st and Rock Road.

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Kwan Wah owner to open Wok Hey at 13th and Maize

WICHITA — Kwan Wah owner Andy Diec has signed a lease for a second restaurant.

He’s opening Wok Hey in 1,300 square feet at 1444 N. Maize Road.

That’s the center at 13th and Maize where All Paws Pet Center, Little Caesars and the Starting Block also are.

“I’m pleased to announce that we are 100 percent,” says Dan Unruh of InSite Real Estate Group on leasing the 9,100-square-foot center.

“I’m really pleased that we were able to complete the leasing of this particular building in this particular market, especially when there were a lot of doubters out there about the viability of 13th and Maize as a retail trade area,” he says.

“With the right landlord and the right economics, deals can get done.”

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Starting Block swim shop to open second store on west side

WICHITA — For five years, Tammy Riffel has had the Starting Block swim shop at the Wichita Swim Club at 8323 E. Douglas.

And for five years, she’s been silently studying.

“I just kind of sat back and observed,” Riffel says.

She’s seen a need for another shop, this time on the west side.

So she’s opening her second Starting Block in February at 1444 N. Maize Road, just north of 13th and Maize.

“This is going to be so nice,” she says of the roomy 1,300 square feet she’ll have.

That compares with 500 square feet at her first shop.

Riffel says being at the Wichita Swim Club is great, but she says, “There’s so many people that don’t know that I’m there.”

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InSite Real Estate Group fills Delano space

InSite Real Estate Group's renovated Delano headquarters.

InSite Real Estate Group's renovated Delano headquarters.

WICHITA — The Kansas area office of the American Diabetes Association is moving to Delano, which gives InSite Real Estate Group 100 percent occupancy at its new headquarters at 608 W. Douglas.

“It’s a validation that there is demand for quality Class A space in the core area,” says InSite’s Dan Unruh.

“We had a lot of interest in this space.”

InSite bought the 6,200-square-foot building a year ago.

“This building has been renovated extensively,” Unruh says. “The only thing that’s original is the structure.”

The Delano space prior to InSite Real Estate Group's renovations.

The Delano space prior to InSite Real Estate Group's renovations.

InSite moved its offices there in May.

The Kansas office of the National Electrical Contractors Association moved into 1,748 square feet there a couple of weeks ago.

The location is what attracted executive director David Woodard.

“It seems to be a . . . developing area,” he says, noting that he especially likes the community atmosphere.

It has what American Diabetes Association director Patti Tasker calls a “good vibe.”

“We’re so excited to go and be a part of that downtown area,” she says. “We liked just that it’s in midtown so that the people we serve will have easy access to getting to us.”

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You don’t say

parisii“You suppose Parisians are saying, ‘We’re so Wichita?’ ”

Dan Unruh of InSite Real Estate Group, who has a friend who sent him a picture of a store in Paris named Wichita

West-side All Paws Pet Center to relocate to 13th and Maize

WICHITA — Paul Baumann is preparing to make what he calls a 60-second move.

In October, he plans to relocate his west-side All Paws Pet Center from 21st and Maize to 13th and Maize.

“We’re only moving literally 60 seconds away,” Baumann says.

His store, which Baumann says has everything for a happy, healthy pet, has been near the southeast corner of 21st and Maize for almost four years. Baumann says it’s a great corner, but it has its drawbacks, too.

“It’s difficult getting in and out of the shopping center,” he says. “At 13th and Maize, you can get right in.”

He’ll be at 1444 N. Maize in a 9,100-square-foot center where Little Caesars pizza is.

Baumann likes that the center has plenty of parking and the building has an open floor plan that allows him to have more shelf space and products.

Also, the training and seminar center will now be on the main floor of the business instead of on the second floor away from the sales area.

“It’s the nuance of retail,” Baumann says of his move. “You have to sit there and think about what the customer is thinking.”

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